Everyone has a different opinion on sports & entertainment preferences. Some like to play sports while others to watch them, some like to play video games while others love to watch, and some just want to get into some non-competitive recreational activities like hiking and trekking. If you’re a thrilling person looking forward to starting exploring some unforgiving terrains then this hiking equipment guide is here to help you.

You have to leave your worries at the bay when going for a hike but it doesn’t mean you have to go unprepared. For a safe, fun, and adventurous hiking trip, you need to have full-proof preparations.

We are going to help you get prepared for your adventure in no time.

Hiking Equipment Guide – All the Essentials for a Good Experience

Often newbies think that hiking is something like an overnight plan. You get ready in the morning and leave to explore some fun hills and come back by the dawn. Well, it could be like that if the hill is right next to your house but if you want to go on a real trip then you have to be prepared for it.

With the help of this hiking equipment guide, you will be good to hit the trail without any hassle. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

1.   Pick the Right Shoes & Socks

Wear heels to a trail” that’s the advice you’d give to your enemies.

That is for sure that you will be walking through unpaved trails and making your way through grassy, muddy, or just very dry terrains. Some fashionable, trendy shoes would look good for the Instagram #trekking pictures but won’t be very practical to you.

It is recommended to grab some good athletic shoes for hiking. The things to look for in hiking shoes are:

·         Ankle support

·         Traction

·         Water resistance

On the other hand, make sure that your shoes are not too heavy. Lightweight shoes are more comfortable when it comes to climbing and walking up the stairs of the hill.

Adding to the shoes, you cannot just wear your every sock with them. You have to grab some socks that fit higher than your shoes. Get some wool socks to wear on your hikes as they are better being breathable and can get adjust the moisture easily.

2.   Dress for the Trail, not the Trend

Another newbie mistake people make is that that they don’t really dress for the occasion. Some guys would just get their denim jeans and a tee-shirt on and be like they are ready for the hike. On the other hand, girls would wear frocks and be ready for the hike. Those outfits will get you some likes on the social media but your trip will be just uncomfortable.

It is recommended to consider the weather as the first priority. There are many brands out there that make track and trail suits. Those are perfect for having a comfortable run around the day and most of them are pretty stylish looking as well.

Those tracksuits can be a good investment as they are super durable and can be used again and again. So think of it as an essential hiking accessory rather than any other clothing accessory.

3.   A Good Backpack (With Necessities)

There are some good, spacey backpacks for hiking and other daily uses as well as backpacks designed specifically for hiking needs including the sleeping bag & cases and tent.

If you’re going for camping out and hiking then you should definitely get a bag that includes the camping stuff as well unless you’re planning on driving to a camping point or so. If you are going full-on hitchhiking with camping overnight then definitely get the big bulky hiking backpack.

On the other hand, if you are going to just a day trip and plan on returning to a campsite, or a hotel then get a good heavy-duty backpack without a sleeping bag and tent. It will be easier to carry around and you will be more relaxed according to the situation.

Make sure to fill up your backpack with some energy bars, a water bottle, and some trail mix as well. You surely wouldn’t get food delivery in the middle of nowhere so it’s good to keep yourself stocked for the trip.

4.   First Aid Kit

Last but one of the most important things in this hiking equipment guide, a first aid kit.  Keeping some basic first aid things such as bandages, antiseptic cleaners, sprain spray, and painkillers could save you a lot of trouble.

You can just grab any of those first aid kids available at the drug store and shove it in your bag. There’s not much science to it.

Ending Note

And that’s it to our hiking equipment guide for you. We hope that you’re now ready for the adventure and memories without any worry!

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