TeamViewer is the primary remote desktop solution and it assists users accessing computer from anywhere. And it is free for personal user. However, many users reported that they can’t use TeamViewer with Connection blocked after timeout message even they are using TeamViewer for person; and there are many complaints about the high price of TeamViewer. Actually, there are plenty of programs can replace TeamViewer for computer remote control

AnyViewer: Free alternative to TeamViewer for Windows, Android and iOS 

AnyViewer, definitely is a perfect solution if you are planning to replace TeamViewer with another remote desktop program for accessing and controlling Windows computer remotely. Now, see why it should be picked. 

  • Secure: ECC (Elliptic-curve cryptography) algorithm is applied to encrypt remote session, keeping data safety. 
  • Free: It offers free plan without limiting the connection time.
  • Stable: It offers stable remote connection, saving you from suffering session drop. 
  • Easy-to-use: Intuitive interface and considerate guides enable you to use AnyViewer without any obstacle. 
  • Flexible: It has multiple connection methods: security code, send remote control request, one-click remote control, satisfying different demands. 

Of course, apart from basic remote access, it performs well in other aspects. See more features of AnyViewer listed below:

  • File Transfer: AnyViewer empowers you to move files and folders between two far off PCs over internet during the remote session or transfer data directly. 
  • Multi-Monitor Switch: When you use AnyViewer to connect a computer with multiple-monitors, you can see all monitors or one monitors on the window in light of your decision. 
  • Text chat: Chat is supported ruing remote session and you can communicate with the one on the other end conveniently.

To enjoy more advanced features, including privacy mode, you can upgrade to Professional or Enterprise. 

How to: Use TeamViewer alternative – AnyViewer to connect to PC

Now, see how to use AnyViewer to access a Windows computer with a Windows computer, Android device, iPad or iPhone. 

Part 1. Set up AnyViewer on the devices

Step 1. On the host Windows computer (the computer you want to control), free download remote desktop software – AnyViewer for Windows. 

Step 2. On the client device (the device that you use to control the Windows computer), free download AnyViewer for Windows, iOS or Android based on the operating system that your device is running.

Part 2. Three ways to get remote access

Way 1. One-click remote control 

Step 1. Create an AnyViewer account for free and then log into the same account on both ends. 

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Step 2. On the client device, go to main interface of AnyViewer > Device, locate the device you want to control.

Step 3. Click the computer and click one-click control among listed options. 

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Immediately, the screen of the remote computer shows up and you can use it.

Way 2. Using temporary Security code

Step 1. On the host computer, go to Connect tab, you can see the device ID and the temporary security code. 

Note: To allow remote access via temporary security code to this computer, you should go to Settings and enable Allow temporary security code. And you can choose the way of how to change temporary security code. 

Step 2. On the client device, sign up and sign in to an AnyViewer account; then go to  Connect > input the device ID of the remote computer, choose Remote control and click Connect.

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Step 3. Choose the second option and input the temporary security code of the remote computer. Then, click OK and you can see the desktop of the remote PC. 

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Way 3. Via sending remote control request

Step 1. On the host computer, go to Connect tab, you can see the device ID.

Note: To allow remote access to this computer via sending remote control request, go to Settings and enable Allow to accept remote control.

Step 2. On the client device, go to Connect > input the device ID of the remote computer, choose Remote control and click Connect.

Step 3. Choose the first option and click OK.

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Step 4. A message pops up on the remote computer. Allow should be chosen to establish the remote session. 

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Wrap things up 

If you need a secure, free and powerful TeamViewer alternative for Windows computer remote access and control, AnyViewer is highly recommended. Just download it and enjoy smooth and secure remote work and remote support. 

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