Tapes are used for both personal & commercial needs and the specifications of products vary as per the industry. As the world is looking for environment-friendly options in every aspect of life, the use of adhesive tapes should be protected too. Tapes are meant for packaging or joining different parts of a material that can hold together for specific timelines.

Are you looking to ship products in a protected way to varied locations?

Do you want to keep packages secured in the warehouse for a long duration?

The use of packing tapes in both instances needs to be selected as per the qualities of tapes required for the task. Sending packages from the production plant to the warehouse, and then to consumers takes time. It involves costs associated with packaging, storage, and transportation of items. There are always options to improve the packaging and ensure safe transportation to the destination. A firm call on tape used in packaging & transport will contribute to the overall protection of material inside the box.

Such tapes are playing a pivotal role in the supply chain management of organizations and boost overall productivity. Selection of wrong tapes will lead to damage of products and also loss of repute for the packaging & transport facilities. It is important to understand the use of respective tapes so that the buying becomes simple for respective uses. Maintain the quality of end products with appropriate packaging & shipping of items to the desired locations.

A quick discussion of the features & differences between packing tapes and shipping tapes will help companies use them in a specific manner. Let’s get started!  

Top Features of Packing Tape

Packing tapes are one of the vital components for production units and all other industries looking to store products in a packaged form. The securing of packages becomes a headache for businesses if they use substandard tapes and it impacts the overall product quality in it. The right kind of packing holds items together as they are processed and stored in warehouses.

There is a large variety of packaging tapes in the market and businesses need to identify the most suitable products for their use. With the use of safe packaging tapes, businesses can introduce positive changes in the storage capacity of different facilities.

Let us look at some top features of packing tapes

  • It is one of the durable tapes and lasts for a longer time. Use the tapes to keep packages sealed and protected against storage temperatures.
  • It ensures safe packaging for shipment to different places and the use of strong tapes guarantees consistent seals.
  • It is a reliable way to promote brands by printing details on custom packing tape. Branding of the tapes leads to a positive customer experience and acts as a deterrent to tempering.

Top Features of Shipping Tape

Shipping tapes are the basic component in transporting products safely to desired locations. Such tapes are fitted for commercial needs and used for increasing the overall profitability of businesses. Use such tapes for mailing the packages that reach the destination after touching multiple points. It instills the right kind of security in packages and the adhesive used in packages has shear-holding power that lasts longer.

Are you looking to select the perfect shipping tapes that provide the best output for businesses? Take a firm call on shipping tapes if you want to leave a lasting impression on clients & customers. It is available in different kinds of forms and the selection of the right products will ensure superior output. Businesses can use the shipping tapes manually and also with machines that ensure easy packaging of items for transportation.

Let us look at some of the striking features of the shipping tapes –

  • It is holding different packages together and thus proves crucial to send parcels across varied locations. The strong adhesive used in tapes can keep the packaging safe for a longer time.
  • It has higher tensile strength and thus it can handle the load for a longer time.
  • It is the tamper-evident product developed to suit the packaging & transport needs. The designs of the tapes ensure the identification of tampers in the packaging.

 Packing Tape vs. Shipping Tape: How to Differentiate?

Though both the tapes might sound similar, there is a stark difference in the use of both kinds of tapes. The industry needs to be well informed about the differences so as to select the best products within budget.

  1. Shipping tape is thinner & lighter as compared to packing tape. Paste the shipping tapes on relevant products to ship specific items, whereas the packing tapes are meant to keep the products stored at warehouses for a longer duration.
  2. Packing tapes have a strong adhesive that stores the package for the best output. The use of adhesive in shipping tapes is keeping the products secured and also has the capability to transport items safely.
  3. Packing tapes are developed to fit different storage temperatures as compared to shipping tapes. The selection of tapes should be done as per the use of tapes in the commercial space.
  4. Packing tapes are thicker as compared to shipping tapes and the selection of the best tapes becomes vital. Check the thickness of specific tapes and then decide on the right kind of products to keep the products safe.
  5. Shipping and packing tapes are developed with different materials & as per industry specifications. Take call on relevant tapes that suit the business requirements and are available at suitable prices. 

 Final Thoughts!

There are different kinds of industrial tapes meant for packing or shipping needs. The selection of tapes should be based on the quality of products, their use across different spots, and the cost of materials. Keep the products safe at the time of transport and also store items securely at warehouses using desirable tapes. Comparing the characteristics of tapes meant for industrial needs and taking a call on preferred tapes become important. The tapes are easy to use and have sturdy features to fit the company’s needs.

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