Successful software building is no easy feat. Yes, you read that right! There are a lot of commands given by users to which a particular website or application must respond quickly. And that’s something APIs come in handy for. So, what does API do? 

Well, API connects the frontend section of portals to their backend so that the information or details asked by users can be shared with them by fetching it from the database. Thus, API is pretty important for promising website or app development. But the question comes, why do you need to hire an API development company? For that, you need to peruse the Q&A drafted below:

Why is it necessary to employ an API development company?

API creation and deployment is very necessary for digital transformation. And digital transformation is essential for offering maximum convenience to end users. So, if you are someone who wants to ensure flawless digitization of your business as soon as possible, you need to pay close heed to user expectations. 

Do you know why? Because digital experiences are something that gets heavily influenced by changing user expectations these days. In fact, release frequency of apps and programs are increasing due to the growing need of connecting many software and digital experiences. 

Resultantly, you will find that 83% of IT specialists are considering API integration imperative for their entities, according to the State of API Integration Report. Believe it or not, APIs do have a solid control in tech discussions. And developing APIs first could boost internal reusability. 

In short, APIs are now treated as a standardized machine-readable instrument for connecting different partners. What else? In this content, you will see how digital business excellence, connected customer experiences, and a fresh ecosystem-driven economy are compelling the emergence of more API-centric strategies. 

Before that, we want to tell you that if you are considering introducing a brand-new feature to your app or software anytime soon, you must speak to an optimal API integration company now. 

With that perceived, it is time to catch:

A Glimpse of API

So, what is API? You can deem it to be a handful of functions that lets you access the data and services of software with the help of a programming language. What’s more? API plays a significant role in enabling software developers to interact with a specific program or platform. Apart from that, it also enables communication between various apps and programs.

Put simply, API is a pliable and efficient instrument for both functionality sharing and data exchange. And the best API development company says that this instrument can minimize both development cost and time of software professionals while reducing the risk of errors at the same time. 

And the best part? You will be surprised to know that APIs have played a crucial role in the creation of a multitude of mobile apps and modern websites in the last few years, owing to consistent pressure to launch myriads of applications into the market. 

A Look at API Stats

APIs In Digital Transition 

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  1. More than 90% of Developers utilize APIs

If the words of a leading analyst in the developer economy are to be believed, almost 90% of software personnel taps APIs to some extent. They further classify this figure into:

  1. 69% of IT professionals take advantage of third-party APIs
  2. 20% of IT professionals make the most of internal APIs

Besides that, the 19th Developer Economics Survey report published in 2020 throws light on which industries exploit APIs heavily and for which software or application. Hence, if you are also willing to develop a mobile app or mobile program with the features and functionalities that you like, you must contact a premier API development company today.    

  1. Developers invest 30% of their time in building APIs

As per the topmost provider of market and consumer data, a large portion of time of 29.5% of API developers is consumed in coding APIs. And this figure comes from the report that they published in 2020 on time allocation of API tasks worldwide. 

And the most surprising part? Well, the numbers you read above is almost 2x of the second most time-consuming job, i.e., manual code debugging, pointing at 17%. 

Thus, the statistics you just went through clearly shows the requirement of tools, like API testing and low-code or no-code programming ecosystem. The more time you avoid spending on unnecessary tasks, the more time you will get to fabricate better APIs and build your business. 

So, if API development or integration has become your priority for your organizational software, please connect to the best in class API integration company now

What is the role of APIs in transforming digital experiences?

If you want to learn how APIs are supporting the idea of a new connected enterprise, you must pay attention to its three drivers that are listed below. Only then you will be able to know why API integration is essential for enterprise digitization initiatives. So, let’s start with:

  1. Connected Customer Experience

According to some experts, many establishments want to transform into a software and technology agency. And therefore, they are making the best of their efforts to create an advanced 360-degree customer experience so that they can partake in the connected digital economy. 

However, you must know that today’s technology needs to see beyond a desktop application. Yes, these experiences must cater to all types of users, including the ones having personal computers, smartphones, IoT devices, and physical assets. And for that you need to work with a renowned API development company.  

For instance, a massive elevator company recently built an embedded connected experience, integrating digital touchpoints into elevators to exhibit signage, ads, and entertainment to explore new monetization possibilities. And this change was so significant that the mechanical engineering organization changed its mission statement to a “vertical transportation company.” 

Now you will be pretty excited to know that their AI-enabled elevators will soon forecast behaviors and improve travel times, so they always reach the right floor to pick the concerned riders. So, if you are also mapping out a plan to develop similar consumer experiences anytime soon, kindly shoot the breeze with a reputed API development company now.  

  1. Ecosystem-driven Economy

You might not be familiar with this, but the truth is that the network effect of platforms enables the formation of an ecosystem. And according to a few industry specialists, involving some partners in this new digital experience is instrumental for future success. A case in point here is that the API gateway is one sector where partnerships aid an integration plan. Yes, you need to have an API gateway to fulfill your security and governance requirements. 

Beyond that, when some experts were overseeing APIs on many projects, they came across an insufficiency in defining the ecosystem. Further, they told that when clients involve themselves in the first phase of these projects, they think they are fully aware of how to do it, but the truth is that they aren’t. 

Some API service providers do not identify a powerful monetization strategy, the security implications or the potential software service providers require to support a functional model. Please remember, partnerships often make it a breeze to add value to existing and prospective patrons, improving the total deliverables through APIs and ecosystems. 

So, now that you have understood the significance of APIs in offering the much-needed value to your shoppers, it is a smart idea to collaborate with an API integration company to shape your customer experience as desired.     

  1. Digital Business Excellence

In the past few years, many old hands in the industry recognized the high expectations for the latest digital experiences. They stated a new trend of business excellence when it comes to providing an end-to-end digital experience. It means any sort of data or information can’t be locked in certain places. 

Even traditional agencies must switch to online platforms to deliver software and information smoothly to end users. And when you do this, some interesting things may take place during the process, like your clients may become your partners. 

Want to wrap your mind around it in a better way? Then, let’s take an example of a medical entity, a globally-known centrifuge producer who strived hard to create more digital experiences to complement their physical items. Although the device was functioning seamlessly, there was no simple method to transfer data results to other applications. 

And it prevented from starting the fully digitized workflow needed for a modern lab experience. In such cases, APIs are instrumental to open up back-end web services to enable flawless UIs and end-to-end workflow automation. 

Be mindful, the intuitive UIs that you are planning to design must incorporate all services along with cloud and on-premises services in order to build and automate essential workflows. And to do this, you need to partner with an excellent API integration company.    

Last words

So, if you imbibed expected knowledge through this write-up and want to meet your digital transformation needs as early as possible, it is a great idea to team up with a top-tier API development company now. 

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