Legacy phone systems are the things of the past. Now, we have highly advanced and more efficient Grandstream IP phone and telephony systems.

Today’s workforce requires more than single-purpose legacy phones. They want systems that can meet the growing demands of current century business. For that, you need to equip your workforce with the latest communication tools like Grandstream UCM6200 & UCM6300 series IP phone systems imbued with advanced features and functionalities that legacy systems were never capable of handling.

HD Experience in all Modes

Gone are the days when we dial a call only to find out that the session would not go without continuous low-quality audio or reception and call disturbance. The best thing about Grandsteam GXP1625 IP phones is that these phones come with full high-definition audio call features and a Grandstream GXV3370 video IP phone with a high-resolution video call facility. Perhaps, these are the features that make it the best choice for business meetings and collaboration. Most importantly, you would find the same quality and functionality across all models and modes, such as desktop and mobile phones. A high-definition calling experience lets you deliver the right, proper and clear message and puts you in a great position in posing as a severe business of doing things efficiently.

User-Friendly UX

Grandstream GXP2170 IP phones are way above the average. These phones are unlike what we have seen so far in the past. These phones are packed with some great functionality that puts traditional phones to shame. These phones are the evolutionary form of the single-purpose phones we have been using in the past years. Grandstream GXP2140 IP phones come with intuitive interfaces, and Grandstream GXV3370 come with interactive touch screens. The user experience of these 21st-century devices is intuitive and impressive. Truth be told, as a new user, you wouldn’t even require a day to get familiar with the product. You can quickly learn how to set up, configure, and use these advanced phones in a mere few hours. Some more advanced phones are even capable of doing video calls or conferencing.

Incredible Compatibility

Imagetech Solution partner of Grandstream networks Unified communications is playing a crucial role for businesses every passing year. Users require more than just a phone for effective communication and collaboration. Therefore, need out of the world integration capability and compatibility. Grandstream GXP and GRP series IP phones are the only systems capable of meeting the expectations of today’s workforce. With the core functionality of UC backing up the techniques, Grandstream GXP2140 IP phones offer excellent compatibility with a myriad of business applications such as browser-based APIs, custom applications that can be developed using in-house resources, and more. These phones provide the highest level of functionalities that were not possible in the legacy phone systems. Perhaps, the outstanding compatibility of these phones makes these systems an apple of the eye of businesses.

Many more amazing traits of a Grandstream WP810 IP phone can be better understood when comparing different phone systems from other vendors or brands. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with Imagetech Solution, an authorized dealer of a prominent IP phone manufacturer, to get against what you paid.

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