Are you looking for classic and elegant doors that will allow adequate air and natural light to your home? French doors can be the ideal option! These doors are a pure motif of ancient heritage and have the capability to give your home an unobstructed view of the outside.  So, what exactly does a french door denote? In simple terms, it refers to two adjoining doors attached to glass panes on the top and bottom of the frame. An amazing fact about these doors is that they were designed in the 17th century, a period dating back to the French Renaissance.

An ability to improve ventilation and natural lighting within homes made these styles of doors immensely popular in the Renaissance period and still continue to be a popular door choice. Moving forward, let’s find out the different types and benefits of installing French-style doors in modern homes.

French Door Types

  • Timber French Door: Wooden doors are the most popular choice amongst contemporary homeowners. A wooden French door is a perfect option for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any property. That’s mainly because wooden doors can add elegance and provide a traditional ambiance for the interior decor of your home.
  • Glass French Door: A glass looks outstanding in both traditional and contemporary properties. While looking for these doors, you’ll be amazed to find beautiful pieces of tinted and decorative glass panes. However, the entire door is not made of glass. Rather, the main body of the door is made up of glass panes, framed with sturdy materials such as wood or fiberglass for exterior doors and manufactured wood for interior doors.
  • PVC Vinyl French Door: This is the most inexpensive product among other products. PVC vinyl French doors are a perfect combination of elegance and smart construction. They are highly durable and versatile. Their strong aesthetic appeal and the architectural feature can transform any room, complementing its interior decor. 
  •  Fiberglass French Door: Fiberglass is a plastic compound that is combined with glass fiber to improve durability. A fiberglass is extremely lightweight and even lasts longer than a vinyl French door. The best thing about fiberglass is that it can mimic the look of real wood doors, keeping away the hefty maintenance measures that are otherwise applicable to wood doors. Additionally, fiberglass doors are highly energy-efficient and easily complement a wide variety of designs & styles.
  • Sliding French Door: Although a french door opens inward or outward on a hinge, the other option available in the market is a sliding door. Sliding doors are weighted and affixed with a horizontal track at the bottom so that the doors can slide open and close smoothly. Typically, you’ll find sliding doors layered with a fixed door and a mobile door. They are made up of large panes of glass to allow more light into the room.
  • Bifold French Door: While a french door typically works on a hinge, opening inward and outward, bifold doors operate a little differently. They incorporate a pair of doors or more, fixed to a hinge. Furthermore, they work on a set of hinges as well as tracks. Unlike a traditional door, they fold up onto each other to the side when in use. 

Now that you have a brief idea of what a French door is and also have an understanding of some of the common types, let’s move on to the next section of this blog. Here are the perks of using.

Benefits of Installing a French Door

As already discussed, a French door is extremely versatile and can match a wide range of settings, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Here’s why French doors are an excellent choice for traditional as well as contemporary properties.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Are widely known for enhancing the aesthetics of a property. Their architectural designs provide an antique feel whenever one enters the house. Today, you will find a wide variety of these doors in modern designs such as more glass and thin margins on the doors as well as doors made up of different materials – aluminum, uPVC, steel, etc. 
  •  Maximum Ventilation: Is a great option if you want improved air movement within your house. That’s mainly because it allows more fresh air and natural light into the room.
  • Increases Property Value: Adding a French door to your property can increase the overall value of your property in monetary terms. Buyers often prefer to buy a property that has beautiful amenities in it. And having a French door helps in increasing the value of a property.


The aforementioned benefits are not the only benefits of installing French doors. There is much more to having an elegant French door at your property. You may even check other modern door and window designs available in this technological age to make a better decision. These include bay doors & windows, sash windows, cottage doors, stable doors, uPVC doors & windows, etc. 

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