Yes. Linux reseller hosting India is good for beginners and many of the businesses in the reseller hosting business are startups. So, what makes cheap Linux reseller hosting remarkably good for beginners? In this article, we consider the same.

The best part about being into the cheap linux reseller hosting India business is that one comes up with recurring revenue or subscription based model. Herein, beyond the initial setup, little or no intervention is called for on the part of the service provider. Let us now consider what it takes to set up a successful Linux Reseller Hosting business in the industry:

In case you are planning to set up a company based on best Linux reseller hosting, then, you’d be required to make some decisions. When you start making the right choices, then, creating a great setup can never be far away. This article has been presented in the form of a startup guide for those who want to start reseller linux hosting business. 

It discusses how to make the right choices that make all the difference in the terms of best linux Reseller Hosting in India.

What is Reseller Hosting?

When a Certified Person/Company purchases a package for reseller website hosting and as his own hosting company, and sells them to their own clients is known as Reseller Hosting , it is one of the cheapest hosting plans.

These services are designed for a niche of users who are looking particularly for the specific services to offer. The cheap reseller hosting company devises the services, features, and prices specifically for this niche of users.

History of Reseller Web Hosting

If we take a look before the beginning of Linux Reseller Hosting Plans , we see that initially, only two types of web hosting services were made available for the end users. They were:

•Shared Web Hosting

•Dedicated Servers

The market, then, began to grow. More and more people wanted to have an online presence for their organizations by the means of a business website. It was clear that the demand for web hosting was growing by leaps and bounds. Moreover, people started devising additional budget for web hosting & virtual storage spaces.

Is It Good For Beginners?

With the demand for web hosting services growing stupendously, even more companies began to provide these services.

Now when we consider the case of a few of the largest web hosting companies operational through the current times, we see that they had started out as one man show companies. Towards their inception, all they used to have was a single server.

The companies would use the server for hosting their own websites and the websites of their customers as well.

During these times, a trend came to the fore which was highlighted by people not being able to afford to pay for a dedicated server. That is exactly where the origin of the more affordable solutions of taking the services of web hosting startups lay.

This solution is known as reselling, for the underlying reason that one buys a service and then sells it for a marked up price.

So, by using the reseller hosting services, a seller could allocate space, bandwidth and other resources for his customers, and sell the best reseller hosting plans at a markup price. This way, the reseller monetised his reseller hosting plans.

Another noteworthy fact, here, is that a reseller account is reasonably affordable because over a physical server, numerous reseller accounts can be hosted. So, a user merely has to pay for a part of the server’s resources. This is even while he has a choice at upgrading to a higher Linux reseller hosting plan or a dedicated server to grow his business.

Overall, it was nearly a decade back that the reseller hosting market became popular and came to the mainstream. While existing with the OG giants of hosting plans a.k.a the dedicated server hosting & the shared hosting.

The market share of reseller hosting only went on increasing by the day. This was right until the virtual private server was invented and came to the picture. Through VPS, the end user got even more control over his account as compared to reseller hosting. At lower prices than that of the reseller hosting. It was an obvious option which hosting one should opt for.

But Reseller Hosting is a business plan, while VPS is a hosting service, both have little or no difference. It depends on the person/company opting to either buy or resell hosting services.

Through the current times as well, reseller hosting finds a large number of takers. This includes web developers, design studios and the people who are attempting to sell web hosting. Other takers include the people who intend to host their own websites and their friends’ websites.

Interesting point about reseller hosting is when a company adds their services of reseller hosting to their business. Then for their clients it becomes a one-stop-shop-solution.

Many reseller hosting businesses make their clients their affiliates, and the clients display ads on their websites for the reseller hosting company. So, anyone who visits your clients’ websites will also see your ads, as a reseller hosting services provider.

Profitability of reseller hosting business

Reseller hosting business is remarkably profitable. The crucial factor, here, is to come up with a way to affordably market your business to your eventual customers such that you are able to offset your costs. Upon acquiring customers, it is easy to keep them for life.


So, if you intend to start a hosting reseller business, the first thing that you’d do is buy a plan for reseller hosting. This plan will characteristically include a WHMCS license, such that account creation and bill handling stay automatic. Then, after setting the prices, all you need to do is start selling to your desired target audiences.

So Yes, Reseller Hosting is a great startup idea for beginners who are looking for a way to start off their new ventures.

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