Duplicate contacts will not only take up the space on your device but it will also confuse the users as well. One thing you can be sure of that you will have duplicate contact on your device. By deleting the duplicate, you will recover space on your device and can get rid of all the clutter on the contacts. There are different reasons for duplicate contacts to be created on your device, we have listed of some duplicate contact fixer reasons below.  

Reason for the duplicate contacts is mentioned below:

  • Many contacts have changed their phone number and you have saved the number with the same name. Now you will not be able to determine which number you want to call.
  • If we have changed the device and have contacts on the smart phone and sim. This will create the duplicate contacts as well.
  • You have imported the contacts at different times on your device.

Now once you have known the reasons for the duplicate contacts you can now remove them easily. If you have duplicate contacts on your device then you need a good duplicate contact fixer on your device. The duplicate contact remover application will help you to remove duplicate contacts easily and in no time.

How to delete duplicate contacts on Android And iOS

There are different programs available on the internet that will help us to remove duplicate multiple contacts from your android and iOS device.

Here we will use the Duplicate Contacts Fixer application that will help you to take the backup of the contacts and remove the duplicate contacts in a single click.

Why use Duplicate Contact Fixer for removing multiple contacts?

Duplicate Contact Fixer is a simple program that will help you to remove duplicate contacts from your Android smartphones as well as iOS smartphones also. This simple application will also help you to check the duplicates in your different account types.

When you use the application, it creates the backup of the contacts. This backup will help you to restore the contacts in case you want to recover them in any case. You can also transfer this backup to your other device and restore it to have all your contacts on another device also.

Using Duplicate Photos, Fixer users can create the backup of the contacts after cleaning of the duplicates so that users can have multiple backups and these backups can be used to get back contacts if needed. 

Remove Duplicate Contacts

Some notable features of this program:

  • Simple and easy to use interface. 
  • Single click deletion of duplicate contacts.
  • Lists all the contacts in the different accounts located on our Android and iOS devices.
  • Does not take much resources
  • Takes a backup of your contact list, so that if something goes wrong you can restore your contacts
  • Duplicate contact fixer will help you to remove exact duplicate contact as well as merge contacts with some changes in it.

To remove duplicate contacts using Duplicate Contact Fixer follow the steps below:

  1. First you have to install the application from the Google Play Store.  Download for Android and Download for iOS
  2. Once the program starts it will take backup of your contacts. Once the backup is taken you will access the contacts according to the different accounts.

    Note: Trial version of this application will only show can clean duplicates from one account only. For the full version of this application, you have to upgrade to its full version.
  3. In the next window, you will see all contacts in that account. Now for finding the duplicates click on “Find Duplicates” button
  4. Now, all the duplicates will be shown and you can delete the duplicates according to your need or you can remove them all together.

That’s it; this program is simple and easy to use and your device is free from duplicate contacts.

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How To delete multiple duplicate contacts on iPhone

Duplicate Contact Fixer is a simple program that will help you to remove duplicate contacts from your iOS device. 

For deleting the duplicate contacts using Duplicate Contact Fixer follow the steps below:

  • First you have to install the application on your iOS device.
  • You will be prompted for the permission for the app to run correctly.
  • Once you give the permission you will be prompted to create the backup of the contacts, tap on the yes button to create the backup of your contacts. This will be needed if you ever want to restore the contacts.
  • Duplicate Contacts Fixer will show you all the contacts located on your device now for finding the duplicates tap on Find Duplicates for finding the duplicates.

Once all the duplicates are found and selected you just have to tap the Delete Duplicate button for removing the duplicate contacts from your device.


Duplicate Contact Fixer is a simple program that will help you to remove duplicate contacts in a single click. Manually deleting the duplicates will take time so it is advisable to remove duplicate contacts using Duplicate Contact Fixer.

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