You may have clicked on this link to find out what questions you should be asking while hiring a CAD designer. Well, the good news is that we will cover all the essential questions that you should be asking so that you can hire right on.

Before diving into the questions, let’s see who a CAD designer is. Tech savvy candidates who take the help of software to execute complex projects are known as Computer Aided Designers or CAD designers. Now, if you want to hire someone who has the professional expertise to carry out complex projects, these questions should make the recruitment process a breeze:

What is CAD?

Starting with a general question like this can be an excellent ice breaker. Your candidate should be able to answer this easily and it can help them prepare for the questions that follow. While answering this question, they should be able to cover all the general aspects of CAD in the beginning, middle and end format. An introduction on what CAD stands for as well as the features and future scope should be explained by them. If they portray examples from the previous projects that they have done, it is a good sign.

What are the uses of CAD?

An imaginary perspective of an object can be viewed using CAD. This means if a designer has a particular object in mind, they should be able to convert that perspective into a digital image. That is when a designer can modify and change the object. CAD proves to be helpful for the designers as it gives them the freedom to execute changes before the final product is manufactured. Also, the product is subject to change as the designer is able to apply many ideas to the product before showing it to the client. Then, if the client suggests any further changes, it can easily be done to the digital form of the object using CAD. There are many versatile uses of CAD and the candidate should mention at least the general uses of the CAD technique. 

What are the pros of using AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a software that can help designers with many different projects. Your ideal candidate should mention all the advantages of using AutoCAD like how it is useful in collaborating with other designers for efficiency. Another benefit of using AutoCAD is that it helps in elevating the productivity of an engineer. Since it is dedicated to exercise all the CAD operations, a designer can run all the operations automatically using this tool, therefore enhancing their productivity. One more thing that can be achieved with AutoCAD is that it provides excellent three-dimensional design perspectives.

What are the CAD systems?

This question sounds technical but it has the simplest answer. All of us are aware of the answer but we associate it with the two general things linked with smart devices. The candidate should mention these two main CAD components:

  • Computer Hardware- Devices and equipment like keyboard, mouse, printers and plotters that execute graphic processes fall in the computer hardware category.
  • Computer Software- As the name suggests, everything that deals with technology and software in CAD is summed up in computer software. Operating systems, software packages and other applications are also part of this category.

What are the advantages of wireframe modelling in CAD?

The visual representation of a three-dimensional physical object is known as wireframe modelling. This technique comes with many advantages and your ideal candidate should be able to mention at least these four:

  • Only a little training is required to learn wireframe modelling
  • Less space or memory is used
  • Wireframe modelling is simpler to construct
  • It takes less manipulation time

What is the significance of CAD?

CAD is an essential part of many industries. Various applications are based on CAD that many industries use. Medical prosthetics, automotive manufacturing, architectural design, product design, aeronautical manufacturing, movie makeup and prosthetics etc. CAD has penetrated most fields nowadays. Your candidate should mention most of the above-mentioned industries where CAD has shown remarkable promise. You can ask them to elaborate by explaining any example. For instance, if we talk about movie prosthetics, CAD has come a long way by enabling designers to construct life-like prosthetics that perfectly fit the person who wears them.

What are AutoCAD commands? Name some of them.

This question can let you decipher the overall experience of the candidate when it comes to AutoCAD. The commands used in AutoCAD are simply shortcuts in alphabetical form. These shortcuts, when typed, produce an action. Although there are 150 AutoCAD commands, if the candidate is able to mention the following, it is enough for you to understand their knowledge and experience with the software:

  • Eclipse – creates an eclipse with the major and minor axis.
  • Pol – creates a polygon of 3 to 1024 sides.
  • Rec – to create a rectangle.
  • Co – to copy objects.
  • Cha – creates slant edges to the sharp corners.
  • F – adds round corners to the sharp edges.
  • St – to open the text style window.
  • I – to insert an existing block.

What are the most common geometric techniques used in CAD?

Technical questions like this are essential to understand if you are on the same page with your candidate. If they have no prior experience using CAD, it will be evident only when you ask the technical questions. There are many geometric techniques that are used in CAD but the most common ones are:

  • Dimension based- This technique helps with two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional modelling. In simple terms, two-dimensional modelling is mostly in the form of a blueprint with lines and no concept of depth whereas three-dimensional modelling lets the designers create realistic models of objects using computer animation.
  • Modelling based- It includes wireframe modelling which is a visual representation of 3-D objects and surface modelling that is the method of presenting solid objects.

End Note:

There are many questions that you can ask your potential CAD designer. This list will help you with some of them. If you want to hire a CAD designer, this article will surely act as a guide for you so that you can hire a well-deserved candidate for successful projects.

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