From providing one service to offering multi-service through one app is a recent strategy followed. It establishes the versatility of the app and the business they work in. Gojek clones is a similar multi-service application that renders A to Z service, from Pharmacy delivery to provision and grocery delivery under one interface.  

From a widespread application to something huge, gaining global reach is never an easy task. Still, Gojek made it easy with the straightforward and extraordinary interface that connected people in the locality to make it in everyday use. Thereby, Gojek turned out to be a revenue hub that benefited its users and the vendors in the market. 

Gojek clone – The idea box

With the increasing business niches, many business entrepreneurs wanted to bring in some breakthroughs to take their business entities to new heights. In order to achieve that, we find people opting for the method of carrying out online business models and choose to launch a similar versatile Gojek Clone app as per convenience and need as it has proved to be an alluring revenue seeker through its existence. 

Gojek clone interface

Gojek clones redefine luxury at the doorstep. With delayed urge and timely needs, it is the best choice for any e-commerce lover. As mentioned, Gojek is a multi-service; its clone apps that are launched replicate its idle features. Therefore this strategy equalizes trafficking revenue to the Entrepreneur (admin panel). 

The on-demand Gojek features are

  1. Order pickup and delivery options
  2. Food delivery
  3. Grocery delivery
  4. E-commerce
  5. Beauty and salon
  6. Ridesharing
  7. Taxi services
  8. car washing
  9. Logistics

Multiple Revenue, Multiplies at Gojek clone.

The most comprehensive feature of Gojek clones is its customization facility. The app is featured to ease the business process efficiently and easily as per the entrepreneur’s need and requirements. They also source multiple revenues through their multi-service strategies. As a multiple service provider, there are evident chances to yield various incomes. And with the variations in commission and subscription basis, the Admin can earn a possible amount for hosting the app. 

Gojek Clone has a more significant advantage with its versatility, and even when there is a consistent drop in one field, there is a simultaneous growth in the other. Thereby, this is not going to fail the entrepreneur at any cause. 

Add on to your Gojek Clone

Gojek Clones, despite its multiple service abilities, must incorporate a few add-ons to show its improved efficiency to stand ahead from the list. Here are a few add-on suggestions that could be assimilated into your app. 

  • Pop Feedback cards

While doing in-app shopping, riding, or order, a pop-in flashcard can be made visible with a button option to choose from. The user can answer and review the app and its efficiency through the pop-up cards even before making orders and payments.

  • Quick and easy log-in

The users  are provided with an easy and quick log-in process. Providing the social media log-in can also be beneficial to ease this process with no much stress.

  • Improved payment portal

The app is made available with improved multiple payment methods. With different gateways, the users will be facilitated, and the Admin can easily track the business transactions.

  • Improved tracking facility

With an improved tracking facility, the user can track the exact location of the product at ease. It also can also be made to work effectively while transporting any gift or surprises to your loved ones. 

Working of Gojek Clones

A Gojek clone is designed to support both Android and iOS . These applications are made to get downloaded from both Play Store and AppStore. 

  1. The app is open for registration.
  2. They can sign up using the credentials.
  3. Home page opens with the list of provided services.
  4. Users can choose the service they need.
  5. The portal opens, and they can surf through the need.
  6. They make payments.
  7. After the confirmation, the order will be delivered at the estimated times.
  8. After receiving the product  or the item, the user can review the service. 
  9. And the process ends there. 

In case of hailing a cab or taxi, from the 4th step, things are altered, 

  1. Get started with the usual log-in process.
  2. The rider chooses the cab-hailing / two-wheeled ride-hailing facilities.
  3. He/ she enters the pickup location and the drop destination.
  4. The driver nearby will accept the ride.
  5. The driver reaches the pickup point.
  6. The hailer gets started with the ride
  7. At the destination, the payment is made.
  8. As the final step, reviewing happens. 

Gojek Clone – User interface

The Multiservice Gojek Clone app is set up with full-featured abilities. Its user interface will display a compatible platform listing down the services offered in the app. It also includes payment facilitating gateways to make payment, reviewing options, rides canceling facility, reordering option from cart, etc. The Gojek clone will make any purchasing or ordering of the services at ease to its users. And ensures to sustain as a transparent and safe platform to explore. 

Gojek Clone – Admin interface

The admin interface is designed in a manner to facilitate easy business management. It has the power to control the entire business activity, approve products and services in the listing. Payment gateways are monitored here, and the commission transferred is also dealt with in this portal. The Admin, Entrepreneur, has complete control of the app performance. 

Gojek Clone – Vendor interface

In the vendor panel, they are given options to log in as a vendor. Only verified items and vendors are allowed to take place in the market. Following which the listing of products takes place. The vendor gets notified about the products that passed the approval, and the pending list is also reported. The vendor also has their inbuilt feature to portray commissioning, deals, offers, coupons, etc. 


Gojek clones resemble the original app and are versatile. For any entrepreneur who wants to shine in their E-commerce business, Gojek clone will help them to improve their standards. With the white label full-featured Gojek clone, it is easy to handle and manage their business efficiently. Here is your right chance, get started by launching your Gojek clone.  

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