There is no denying that the arrival of the digital era and the rise of modern communication technologies completely overhauled practically all facets of our society and changed not only the way we do things but also the very concepts of these things and how we think about them.

Of course, when talking about these things most people will focus on the benefits of digital evolution and mention how our lives are becoming faster, simpler, and streamlined and how human society is better connected than ever before in history.

If we take some time to look at this issue closer, we will see, however, that these digital assets are also a cause of various mental health issues, and despite being constantly connected, people still feel lonely and lack genuine human interaction.

Let us take a look then at how we can marry the best of these two worlds and enhance the way we interact with people online.

Use social media to become more physically social

In this day and age, social media platforms have become the most important public forms and people where most new social connections are made. These tools, however, were never supposed to replace, but augment the real-life interactions with your friends. So, whenever you log in to some social network, keep in mind that these platforms are the tool you are going to use to meet more people in real life and not a way to hang out with your friends itself. End your chats with an invitation to a meeting and you will see all the change in the world.

Enhance Interpersonal Connections

Work on your interpersonal skills

People might assume that moving the conversations to chats and video calls makes communication simpler. But, this way of getting around your social circles is inherently devoid of important cues and nuances you get with real-life interactions. And these small cues can completely change the tone of the entire conversation. Therefore, instead of putting your social and interpersonal skills to rest and streamlining things you say to short replies, try even harder to develop your social and interpersonal skills to compensate for the lack of genuine emotion.

Establish new connections in familiar social circles

People are not capable of handling the opinions and judgments of thousands of dehumanized and faceless social media profiles. While this is not the call to remain locked in social bubbles, starting your new friendships in an environment where you won’t be faced with judgment but support is incredibly beneficial for your mental well-being. One of the best examples of this dynamic can be found in the case of sugar daddy dating where individuals can look for open communication and rich interpersonal relationships in an open and respectful environment.

Enhance Interpersonal Connections

Understand the specific behaviors in online space

Social media and the online environment are an area that grants certain freedom in which people tend to exert certain types of behaviors that are not typical for real life. That’s ok – this is what these tools were made for. It is important to separate these erratic behaviors from the people you know and love so they don’t damage your established social connections. Sure, the online environment will actively encourage people to post stupid jokes or do things you find irritating. But, try to see through these cracks into who these people are for real.

Engage with other people in social activities and content creation

Team building was always one of the best ways to bring different people closer together. Well, this is one of the areas where the power of modern communication channels can’t be overstated. The ability to get in touch with people all around the world and work together with them on something that will add something to our world is incredibly empowering and important for the development of healthy relationships. Whether we are talking about some social cause or content creation, make yourself a part of such group projects and activities.

Use digital resources for education and personal growth

Last but not least, we need to point out that online and social media channels are not only meant for scrolling down and plowing through superfluous conversations. These platforms are stacked with content that can be used for education and personal development. Giving your online time some sense of direction and proactivity by spending time in these circles will not only make you a more accomplished person but also help you get in touch with like-minded folks. And that is always a good way to start healthy relationships.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this short breakdown of enhancing interpersonal connections in the digital environment and you will find a way to put some of these tips into practice. The arrival of the digital age brought us the benefits we couldn’t dream of only a couple of decades ago. Streamlining our social interactions to these channels, however, also made us more distant, cold, and narrow-minded. Overcoming these obstacles does require some work, but it also leaves the door open for a much more fulfilled life. So, start making changes today.

By Anil kondla

Anil is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable person who is a Technology evangelist. He's always been fascinated at work from 7 years especially at innovation that causes benefit to the students, working professionals or the companies. Being unique and thinking Innovative is what he loves the most, supporting his thoughts he will be ahead for any change valuing social responsibility with a reprising innovation. His interest in various fields like Tech, entertainment, gadgets, travel and lifestyle that urge to explore, led him to find places to put himself to work and design things than just learning. Follow him on LinkedIn

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