Screw pile foundations are round hollow steel roads with a screw attached to them. They are built by inserting the screw piles into the ground. Along with that, it can be installed quickly and easily as compared to other foundations. 

The screw piles are cut into the ground like a screw. Then it is filled with concrete to permanently remain in its place. So, it is used in places with ground movements and low soil density.

Installation of screw pile foundations

The screw piles are inserted into the ground with the help of an excavator. It has a hydraulic drive motor attached to them. Then, it is inserted until a strong base is placed to hold the structure. Hence, the required handling machines for this purpose are 

  • 1/2T Bobcats
  • 20T Excavators 
  • 100T Mastmounded crane rings

Therefore, the combination of these handling machines mainly depends on the soil condition. 

How are they connected?

The connection of screw pile foundations requires pile caps. The type of connection differs from the type of construction from one building to another. Firstly, it begins with a lower “rebar mat” extended up from the finished piles. 

Hence, the crew placed the top of the lower “rebar mat” and “rebar cages” with the help of a crane. After that, an upper “rebar mat” is installed to join the piles with the “rebar cage”. Concrete is used to connect the pile cap frame to the structure. 

Advantages of screw pile foundations

These are the following advantages of screw pile foundations that you must know. 

Easy to install: – It can be installed at high speed. It is ready to use just after installation, and there is no need to wait.

Even though concrete is used in construction, there is no need to wait for the concrete to gain strength.

Low Noice: – Screw piles produce a low noise during the installation process which makes it even more convenient. 

Low Cost: – The cost required to construct screw piles is low compared to other reinforced concrete foundations. 

Stability and strength in pulling loads

  • The screw piles have screws on their sides, which helps keep the structure steady.
  • Buildings can be built on slopes with the help of screw piles.

Low soil displacement and low underground changes

They are installed with only a small soil displacement, and there are not many underground effects.

Reusable: – One of the main advantages of screw piles is their reusability. Temporary buildings can be made with the help of screw piles. Once the requirement is completed, it can be taken out and used for construction in some other places.

Increase resale value: – Once you have decided to go for the screw pile foundation, it is a vaery good decision for your house. If you ever plan to sell the building or house, there is no doubt you will be getting better price. So, it is more for less. Less investme nt, more money. 

Engineering requirements: – Screw piles foundation is the base of construction, and thus it requires a good design to be more efficient.

The design of a screw pile foundation mainly depends on the following. 

Building plan and its structure: – The building plan gives the required piles.

Site plan: – This gives the idea of the size of the piles needed for excellent strength.

Screw pile foundation


Thus screw piles foundation is one of the best methods to get a beautiful and strong foundation

for your buildings. With a $30-$230, it is affordable to everyone in need. So, always take an expert’s guidance to get the best results for construction. 

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