Effective event marketing tips and strategies are paramount, especially if you’re a beginner event marketer. According to Forbes, event marketing offers your brand the opportunity to interact with clients in real-time to offer them unforgettable experiences, inspiring them to start sales-related activities.

So, what tips and strategies can you leverage to make your event marketing compelling and aggressive? Well, here are seven event marketing tips you can leverage as a beginner event marketer to achieve that:

1. Select a Perfect Venue for Your Event

As a beginner event marketer, selecting the ideal venue for your event is one of the essential tips you must learn. But, when choosing a perfect venue for your event, you must consider the available budget allocations.

Often, picking a venue is challenging, particularly if you fail to plan for it in the early stages of the event; sometimes, it can also be the most costly part of marketing an event.

If you’re planning and marketing a physical event, the perfect venue should be big enough to accommodate all the individuals that may turn up. Moreover, the perfect venue must be easily accessible, offer ample parking, and have enough seats for attendees to sit comfortably.

2. Align Event Naming Series with Your Company’s Branding

You must ensure that you assign event series names that align with and reinforce your company’s branding. For instance, if you’re using feather flags to market your event, ensure you synchronize the company’s brand name and the titles used on the flags.

The strategy guarantees that people can recall your event and link a brand with it, even after several days following the completion of the event. Often, branding using company logos and missions are the driving factors that help to attract and retain attendees to your event.

3. Generate FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) Among Your Target Audience

Generating the “Fear Of Missing Out” among your target audience is also an excellent way to market your event. You can leverage content such as video or imagery to indicate to your target audience the loss they’ll suffer if they don’t show up at your event.

More often than not, people tend to be interested in attending an event if they think they stand to lose something of importance if they fail to show up. For instance, sending your target audience a simple message reading “You wouldn’t want to miss this event” can impact a social media campaign in generating curiosity about your event.

4. Live Stream to Market Your Event

Today, Facebook offers huge opportunities for you as a beginner event marketer to promote your event. Live Streaming is a relatively new trend in event marketing for which you get to interact one-on-one with your target audience and offer them an invitation.

You can leverage this golden opportunity to give your target audience a glimpse into what they should expect. Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity to present a captivating pitch about why they shouldn’t miss attending the event.

5. Share Details About Your Event with the Press Media

Sharing details of your upcoming event through a press release is an excellent way to capture the attention of individuals who can assist you advance your event objectives. By releasing a formal press statement, you’ll have invited interested local media outlets to participate by promoting your event further.

Moreover, doing so might as well attract the attention of brand ambassadors, influencers, and new supporters. That will particularly be excellent if your objective is to spread the word and invite influential personalities.

6. Set a Suitable Date and Time

As a beginner event marketer, you should make it a habit to double-check the time and date when you schedule your events. This is important as it will help you avoid conflicts with other crucial local and national events happening on the same day.

7. Leverage Email Marketing to Promote Your Event

According to marketing experts, email marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective ways you can use to reach your target audience. You can also offer them an invitation to your event via your email campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, you can leverage event marketing to discover your potential customers and target audience groups. You can start the journey to enhance your brand awareness and lead generation by leveraging the above seven event marketing tips for beginners.

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