Social media has gradually made its place and is known to be a platform for interaction and networking. With a whopping number of about 4 billion active social media users worldwide, brands and businesses are surely trying to make the most of these platforms to reap maximum benefits. 

Moreover, the craze for social media is increasing due to added features and functions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if the number of users would increase in abundance in the future. 

Even though social media has endless possibilities to offer, there are, however, a few brands that are not taking complete advantage and falling behind the line. 

You can highly benefit from tools known as social media aggregators for the ones who are not aware. 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about social media aggregators and how using them can be highly beneficial for your brand. 

What Is a Social Media Aggregator?

Simply put, social feed aggregators are the tools that let you collect Content from social media, customize it as per your needs, and publish the Content on your website. 

If you are wondering why you collect social media content, you must know that social media is a vast ocean of Content created by your users on behalf of your brand! 

Since users speak openly about their likes and dislikes and openly voice their opinions on social media, it gives brands sufficient Content to promote their brand. Be it in the form of pictures, videos, or reviews. A social media aggregator will effectively help you aggregate the Content and put it on your website. 

How Does Social Media Aggregator Help Brands In Marketing?

  • Builds Trust & Authenticity

User-Generated Content is the most result-driven and powerful form of content marketing since it is unsponsored and is created by your customers. 

Surveys suggest that more than 50% of people trust User-Generated Content more than any other form of advertising and more than 90% of people go through reviews and recommendations before purchasing a product. 

Social Media Aggregators are perfect for collecting User-Generated Content and embedding it on the website. 

Since your users create UGC, your website visitors will feel more confident about your brand and products, and it will help build trust within them, and they will convert into your loyal customers. 

  • Increased User Engagement

Using a social media aggregator is the most effective way to increase your user engagement on your website. 

Displaying real-time Content like live updates from the website or an ongoing hashtag campaign on your website will tremendously increase the excitement and engagement of your website visitors. Users would be delighted to see their featured Content on the website, and it would further motivate the other users to engage with your brand. 

  • Increase Your Social Media Reach 

If your website visitors find your social media feeds widget interesting enough and engaging, they would surely redirect themselves to your social media platform and make them follow you. 

It will increase your number of followers on social media, enhancing your brand’s reach. 

An increased reach on social media will make your future promotional activities or campaigns on social media more successful. 

  • Saves On Time & Money 

Generally, businesses invest a lot of money in the marketing of their brands. But, moreover, getting results while adopting those methods is not certain as such. 

Social media aggregators help you in generating maximum results in a minimum amount and give results much faster. 

Hence, you would not have to invest extra time and money in other traditional advertising methods as this technique itself is extremely powerful and shall give incredible results. 

  • Helps You Keep An Eye On Trends

Due to the immense competition amongst brands in the market, it is important to stay up-to-date with the current happenings on social media. 

With the help of a social media aggregator tool, you can easily keep track of trending campaigns and brands. 

Moreover, keeping track of the trends would make you ready for your next campaign and help you determine the factors for your next social media campaign and how to make it successful. 

Summing It Up

Social media aggregator tools can help you seamlessly collect relevant, engaging, and attractive content for your website to increase the engagement and excitement of the users on the website. 

Apart from being a cost-effective marketing tool, it makes your website more attractive and appealing for visitors, saves on your time, and helps you build social proof of your brand. 

Suppose you are a brand that is looking for a responsive and result-driven marketing tool to maximize your profits. In that case, you surely must use social media aggregator tools as a part of your marketing strategy and reap the spectacular benefits it has to offer. 

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