It is no surprise that 2020 and 2021 proved to be complicated years for businesses globally, especially for small businesses. While 2020 motivated many young professionals to pursue their passion and start a small business. The motivation was very similar to the start-up sensation that had gripped the world a few years ago.

This time, people who were exhausted with their tedious 9 to 5 desk jobs for the first time got the time and space to start what they always wanted to do. So naturally, these small businesses mainly cater to a specific audience who shop online, specifically from platforms like Instagram.

Top 8 Business Strategies For Small Businesses In 2022

Strategies come and go, but it’s essential to have them nonetheless. If you are a small business owner confused about your upcoming strategies, then scroll down and find out a list of eight business strategies for 2022!

1)Fix Your Listings

In the last few years, search engines have shown the increasing popularity of the ‘near me’ phrase. Now, the chances of expansion for this phrase are even more, especially with the rapid popularity of the voice search feature. Industry experts say that of the total voice searches, 22% are based on location.

This data should be enough to drive you towards fixing your listings, at least on Google with the help of ‘Google My Business. This way, every time anyone searches for your brand online at least Google will show your business.

2)Get Hold Of Customer Reviews

Before buying anything online, most people check out at least a few reviews before making the final purchase call to action. This indicates that customers have a lot of faith in reviews. Thus, the more reviews you are able to get hold of, the better for you!

Getting hold of customer support strategies to help boost any small business’s revenue is one of the best ways to boost sales in 2022. If you are new at this, simply approach customers for reviews. However, use emails, text messages, or google forms for this step.

3)Always Respond To Reviews And Queries

If your small business has a great social media presence on multiple platforms, you need to make sure you respond quickly to their queries and reviews. When you respond to all queries and reviews, it builds brand loyalty amongst your customers. Even in cases of negative reviews, the best thing to do is respond.

When you are responding to negative reviews, make sure your tone is apologetic for the inconvenience caused by your product or service. Although digital marketing has expanded, that does not mean word-of-the-mouth marketing has become extinct.

4)Incorporate Web Chat In Your Website

What’s a website in 2022 without an efficient web chat feature? Technology will tell you how many people are visiting your website at what time. Then there are even more advanced tools like Zopim that not only enable web chat features but also give you the analytics of each individual visitor on your site who engages with the chat feature.

Webchat features are great because you know exactly how many site visitors were actually interested and how many were not. Additionally, a chatbot can always manage conversations efficiently, especially at odd times of the day or when you are not available.

5)Message Your Customers

In 2022, customers do not care about many promotional emails and newsletters knocking on their email addresses. Most people depend heavily on email addresses for daily professional activities. So nobody would want their email boxes to blow up messages from different brands, asking readers to visit their website and purchase something.

As a small business, you will hardly get any conversions out of that. Instead, start texting your customers because the rate at which customers view messages is 98% which is great! Just remember that you must include a strong call to action with your text message!

6)Be Active On Social Media

An active social media presence on different platforms is one of the best digital marketing strategies for small businesses. For instance, if you are a product-based business, you must prioritize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, if you are a service-based business, LinkedIn is your platform.

Social media is your best friend when redirecting traffic on your website, increasing brand awareness, and experimenting with content. Moreover, you can consider social media platforms for running ad campaigns.

7)Show Testimonials On Your Website

This one does not require much explanation, as is evident from the heading. Client testimonials are the best thing that you can display anywhere on your website, social media, and other similar networks.

Thus, once you get hold of enough testimonials, display them all over your website. Once your target audience visits your website, the testimonials will convince them to spend more time on your website, which is excellent! Read more: Search Engine Magazine

8)Boost Customer Experience

This is probably the most crucial strategy for 2022, especially if you are a small business. A customer happy with their experience will always recommend your business, which is any day better than some negative review because of a bad customer experience.

Thus, work towards improving your customer experience. Good customer support goes a long way in establishing your small business in front of the world.


From resin jewelry to hand-crafted clothing, the number of small businesses simply expanded in early 2020. It does not matter how the last two years panned out because 2022 is going to be a different year for businesses. As a small business owner, you must work towards some strategies for expanding your business and boosting conversions.

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