A new scanning tool for iOS and Android smartphones that converts documents into searchable and editable PDF files has been released by software company Technostacks. Technostacks, a leading mobile app development company, has launched Quickscan Document Scanning App, a wireless document scanner that boosts effectiveness and efficiency in this fast-paced corporate environment.

The QuickScan App is widely utilised in various industries, including the transportation, medical, engineering, legal, educational, and business sectors. It was developed to assure the accuracy and dependability of the scans. QuickScan is a free app and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Significant Features of the QuickScan App

Numerous apps enable users to scan documents into PDF files, but most are either not free, out-of-date, do not provide customization and editing, or all three of the above.

Meanwhile, QuickScan is a free scanner app for iPhone and Android phones, making your corporate life easier. You can choose to scan in colour or black and white, and the app will automatically save your scans to your camera roll. QuickScan also allows you to share your scans via email or social media.

The Key Features of the QuickScan App are 

1.Simple to Use and Quality Scans

It is an easy, incredibly quick, and light mobile scanning app. You can get high-quality scans with excellent image quality and resolution in seconds. The app’s interface is quite easy and can be operated by anyone effortlessly.

2.Two modes – Manual and Automatic

It is the best scanner app for android phones that recognizes documents automatically. The user has to hold the phone in front of the document, and the app will automatically recognize the text or pictures you are scanning.

3.Excellent Layout

You can save the scans in PDF or even as an image in different formats. Multiple pages can also be scanned for simple viewing. You can merge multiple pages in one pdf without extra effort and vice versa.

4.Easy to Share and Manage

This free scanner app provides various options such as simple folder creation, quick document retrieval following document scanning, and automatic cloud backup. You can instantly share the document or scans via different portals such as email, message, drive, iCloud and many more.


QuickScan PDF Scanner App speaks English, Hindi, German and so on. On average, QuickScan App supports 20+ languages, allowing you to edit your document easily. This also reduces the problem generally faced during the Optical character recognition in the app.

The Latest Addition to QuickScan App

The best mobile scanning application is Quick Scan, which is quick, accurate, simple, and perfect for document scanning. This program allows you to scan documents into high-quality PDFs, including notebooks, whiteboards, business cards, IDs, bills, invoices, and receipts. The app is free to install.

The QuickScan App has been updated with a new feature allowing users to scan QR codes quickly and easily. This new feature makes it even easier for users to find the information they need, whether it is a website URL or contact information. The QuickScan App is available for free on the App Store.

QuickScan’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can automatically crop documents once scanned and detect boundaries. Using the OCR feature, you can recognize and convert text from photos into TXT files. Using the OCR scanner app, you can view the scanned document in QuickScan and press “OCR” on your “OCR” button to access OCR. Once the recognized region has been formed, QuickScan App will perform OCR automatically.

The most recent update to Technostacks QuickScan document scanner application includes automatic text extraction and recognition. As a result, businesses may instantly scan, edit, and exchange documents without delays or restrictions. Not just for android, but this is also the best free scanner app for iPhone.

It offers extra functions that transform the program into an all-inclusive company productivity hub. The QuickScan program allows users to sign, annotate, encode, fax, and collate documents in addition to taking images of text. The QuickScan dashboard also offers additional sorting and viewing options in addition to an integrated search function. QuickScan is the best free scanner app for iOS and iPad as well.

Other Notable Features of QuickScan are 

1.PPT – It captures images and pictures which can be used in PowerPoint presentations. A feature like “Image to Excel” enables users to capture a picture of an excel spreadsheet which later can be converted into an excel document.

2.ID Photo– ID.OCR feature of QuickScan is designed to take pictures of IDs that can be exported to texts. You can also make an electronic copy of your ID using QuickScan. Not just IDs, this also works as a receipt scanner app which extracts, sort, organise, manage and itemise business receipts.

3.Book – This option, which separates the image into two pieces and enables users to take the entire page of a book at once, is intended to capture books.

4.Option to Edit – Users can move, label, trim, and add comments to their documents after scanning the picture.   The user can then choose to identify (apply OCR too) their image, allowing them to take a new picture, edit it, translate it, or even share it.

5.Best iOS Scanner App – QuickScan is an iOS scanner app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable document scanner. With QuickScan, you can quickly scan documents with your iPhone and save them as a PDF or JPG file. QuickScan also lets you batch scan multiple documents simultaneously and even supports scanning QR codes.

How to Use QuickScan?

There are three basic and simple steps that you can perform to scan your documents using QuickScan:

1. Scan – Point the camera towards the document or choose any document from the gallery option and tap on scan to scan the document.

2. Editing of Documents – QuickScan provides various options to customise and edit per your requirement. You can crop, sign, update, or edit the visuals with a few clicks.

3. Saving – Save the scanned document in PDF or JPEG format at your convenience, either on your device or the cloud storage of Quickscan.

4. Share – Share the document via different portals such as mail, social media apps, or cloud storage.

Managing the paper copy of every document becomes challenging for those involved in their personal and professional lives. So you can now quickly scan documents or any hard copy with your smartphone to create a fully editable PDF.

Key Takeaways

A QuickScan app is a convenient tool for scanning documents on the go. It makes capturing and sharing high-quality scans easy, and its built-in editing features let you make quick changes to your scans before sharing them.

Overall, QuickScan is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable document scanning app for android. Whether you are a student or work at an organisation, QuickScan is a must-have App these days. From capturing, storing, editing, and signing to conveniently sharing the document, this app has all you will need for your document operations.

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