Smartphones are prone to damage each day, isn’t it?

Just like us, our smartphones are also always on the go. From one corner of the house to another, from pocket to briefcase, from backpack to purse and wallet, there are multifold opportunities for a smartphone to sustain damage. And for the same reason, a glass screen protector is a must.

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Now when our smartphones are pretty much brittle when it happens to accidentally fall off from our hands, choosing the right screen protector or tempered glass or glass screen protector is essential for your smartphone’s well-being. 

Do you need a screen protector?

Well, the answer is certainly yes. Rather than spending a fortune repairing or replacing the damaged screen, it’s better to stick tempered glass over the smartphone screen. It’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

What is a Glass Screen protector?

A glass screen protector adds an extra layer of protection and protects your phone from extra damages like scratches or any other form of breakage. Decking up your phone with a glass screen protector is as good as wearing gloves to avoid dust getting accumulated or protecting your wrist bones against fracture. 

At Shoptroniks there are many varieties of screen protectors to choose from. You can choose the glass one or the plastic one, but which one’s the best and what’s the difference between them both, is a tough job to decide. And that’s why we will be discussing the pros and cons of both glass screen protectors and plastic screen protectors.

A little more detail about the glass screen protector

Glass screen protectors are originally made by taking glass various thermal and chemical treatments which technically increases the strengths.

Alternate uses

This tempered glass is also used for car windshields, like safety glasses, kitchen appliances, and smartphone screen protectors. Being of the highest quality with good light remittance and clear display, you would hardly be able to differentiate it from your normal phone screen.

Comparison between the glass screen protector and plastic screen 

  • Cost 

A Glass screen protector is no doubt more expensive than a plastic screen protector any day but at the same time quality of the glass also matters a lot.

Well, glass screen protectors reduce fingerprints on the screen especially when you play too much candy crush or ludo. These are the most preferred option in the market, even though the matter is about a few dollars.

  • Aesthetic

Plastic is thinner than the glass screen protector and maybe that’s why people like plastic protectors better than the tempered glass protector. Glass screen protectors are of course modish and give a beautiful aesthetic look to your smartphone. With a slight thickness, people may sometimes find it irritating if the thickness of the screen protector reduces the response time.

  • Feel

Glass screen protectors feel more comfortable and smoother to use. It’s just as if you are gliding over the normal smartphone screen. It does pass the feel of the original screen.

The Oleophobic coating of the screen helps to prevent unnecessary fingerprints and oil smudges on the screen. It even makes the wiping easier without having to use any solution.

  • Installation

Well, this can be a tedious and daunting task in the case of plastic screens. Some may require the use of water to apply, some through adhesives, and some use flexing.

Whereas the application of a glass screen is much easier. As the plastic screen is thinner, it becomes difficult to apply it. The crucial part comes to removing the bubbles or bumps in a plastic screen on the screen surface and maybe that’s why people choose a glass screen protector.

The glass screen protector comes in two variants: the full-screen adhesive and the second being applied at the bezel which is easier to fit. Another perk is that it can be trimmed to fit any smartphone surface.

  • Durability

Tempered glass is always more durable, robust, and scratch-resistant than a plastic screen protector. They are more flexible and easily fit on the screen. Whereas plastic screen protectors are often more scratched easily. The UV Layer contributes to transparency and prevents yellowing.

You don’t have to fret or have any hiccups about the glass screen protectors as they are meant to provide comfort to the fingers while gliding on the screen.


While choosing a glass screen protector a plastic protector is fairly an individual’s choice. In our opinion, a glass screen protector lasts way too longer than a plastic screen protector and is much more valid, resistant, doesn’t get dull over time, and is the best alternative to other screen protectors. Glass screen protectors are available in edge-to-edge variations. 

There have been cases where certain plastic screen protectors have diffused the HD screen of the device whereas the glass protectors give a clear view and protect big time.

Glass screen protectors are more convenient to use, and they work best when you even buy phone holder from Shoptroniks. At Shoptroniks we have many smartphone accessories when you buy a new cell phone.  

If you want impact protection, buy a phone case too. Screen protectors are just one part of the puzzle preventing scratches, but the major role-playing part is of the case too if you drop it frequently. Check out the collection of screen protectors that fits your cell phone model.

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By Olu Obasanjo

Olu Obasanjo is a CEO of Shoptroniks - home appliances store. He is capable of aligning, leading, and growing cross-functional teams and forming professional, diverse teams for a variety of tasks. He is interested in technology, startups, small technology startups, and investment management.

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