Browser wars, the world of technology witnessed a stark turning point in the war of browsers as Microsoft is soon to roll out Windows 11 update. This update isn’t just a mere new operating system update but an opportunity for Microsoft to prove that it’s not dead. So, let’s move forward to learn how Microsoft is going to prove its impactful and competitive presence in the war of browsers through the new date. 

How is Microsoft Going to Prove Its Presence in the War of Browsers?

People change, and so does their preferences. And browsers customize their functionalities and outlook to cater to these changing preferences in the best way possible. Similarly, Microsoft is all set to roll out its Windows 11 new update to assert its position in the war of browsers. Confused, how are they going to do that? Here’s the answer. 

  • According to The Verge, the process of changing the default browser on Windows 11 is nothing but a time-consuming and tedious process. 
  • Let’s say you want to click on a web link and get assignment help from a specific website. After doing so, you will get a prompt asking you to choose an app. 
  • But, here’s the catch. You will also have to choose the browser you want to use, which wasn’t an option till Windows 10. Otherwise, Windows will assume that you are fine looking for assignment help services with Microsoft Edge as the default web browser. 
  • Those of us who have been using the previous version of Windows to date might not always remember to choose the “always use this app” button in the prompt box. But, this is an essential step in Windows 11 to let the system know if you would like to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

So, this is the basic information about the Windows 11 update. Reportedly, the new update has created chaos in the completion among browsers. Here’s why. 

What’s the problem with the new update?

It can be hard to remember to tell the system that you would like to switch browsers. After all, none of the other versions of Windows had this option, right? 

And you will have to dig into the settings option to change the default app for every file type if you forget to choose an option in the initial pop-up. That means, whether you need to open an HTML, PDF, HTM, XHTML and SVG, you need to tell Windows which app to use to open the file. 

The Verge even reached out to several other browsers to get their reaction to this update. Most of them aren’t happy with the news. A Vivaldi spokesperson said, “Microsoft has a history of doing this, and it seems they are getting progressively worse.” 

What Is Microsoft’s reaction to all the chaos revolving around its new update?

According to the statement provided by The Verge, Microsoft is constantly listening and learning the preferences of users. They also said that with the evolution of Windows 11, the additional feedback helps shape the operating system. 

What More To Expect From Windows 11?

Microsoft revealed the next generation of Windows at its official virtual event back in June. They confirmed that some big changes are going to affect the long-standing operating system. The Windows public beta is available for download, and we can expect the entire version in the holiday season. 

  1. Here are seven unique features to expect from Windows 11:
  2. Widgets– You can relate to this if you remember desktop gadgets on Windows Vista. However, on Windows 11, you can access widgets directly from the Taskbar and even personalize them according to your preferences. 
  3. Mac-like interface– You will find a clean design accompanied with rounded corners, a centred Start menu, Taskbar and pastel shades. 
  4. Integrated Android apps– There were some ways to access Android apps on Windows 10. But, it is more native on Windows 11. You can install Android apps from the new Microsoft Store through the Amazon Appstore. 
  5. Microsoft Teams Integration– Now, you will find enhanced Teams integrated directly into the Windows 11 Taskbar. Thus, it will be easier for you to access it from Mac, Android, iOS and Mac. 
  6. Better virtual desktop support- The virtual desktops provided by the new update looks more similar to macOS. This helps you toggle between multiple desktops for gaming, school, work and personal purposes. It also lets you change your wallpaper on each virtual desktop. 
  7. Xbox tech for better gaming– You can enjoy similar features in Xbox consoles on Windows 11, such as DirectStorage and Auto HDR. These will improve the gaming experience on your Windows PC. 
  8. Better multitasking along with the easier transition from monitor to laptop- Windows 11 consists of new features such as Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. You can multiple apps or features at a time and even plug or unplug from a monitor without losing your open Windows. 

Wrapping Up

There‘s no doubt that Microsoft Edge is a solid browser. It is also compatible with different variety of extensions of Chrome. Thus, it is often the perfect choice for many who prefer to multitask between multiple browsers at a time. But with the new update, Microsoft seems to force users to Edge. The US Government had hit Microsoft with an antitrust case because they made Internet Explorer an immediate default browser on older versions of Windows. So, let’s just wait and see how people react to this new update as it is made available to all. 

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