It can be extremely frustrating when you look for a file or a document in your student management system but can’t find it. You are sure that you have backed it up onto the institute’s system. There is no chance of misplacing it, but still, you can’t find it.

Inefficient handling of files can lead to loss of valuable data. It also can impact the image and finances of your educational institution. This is particularly scary at a time when cybercriminals are increasingly attacking schools and colleges all over the world. And as per a report, each attack on the education industry costs more than GBP67,000 on average.

But the good news is you can prevent that from happening with the simple integration of a reliable tracking system with your student management system. Using a file tracking system, you can organize and monitor your educational institution’s documents, files, and records. It will keep track of your documents and files and keep them in a secure database.

What is a File Tracking System?

A File Tracking System (FTS) is a web-based application and ERP software that monitors the movement of documents, files, and receipts in an educational institution.

It enables users to keep an eye on the movement of several crucial documents as well as store important data on a centralized platform to aid in better decision-making.

Advantages of file tracking system

The file tracking system offers the following benefits to educational institutions and the users:

  • Eliminates waste of time: Despite utmost carefulness and caution, things may go wrong. Any staff member can misplace or lose a file and may waste a lot of time looking for it afterwards. Despite their best efforts, they may not retrieve it. This is when a robust file management system can be extremely helpful. It tracks the file efficiently and saves time.
  • Prevents the chance of losing key data and information: Some data are extremely sensitive and important in an educational institution. Misplacing them can have serious impacts on students or faculty. With a reliable file tracking system, the chance of losing such information is zero.
  • Enhances the efficiency of file storage and retrieval: A proper file tracking system scans, processes, stores, and retrieves files with utmost efficiency. It completely eliminates handwritten file notes and logs and automatically creates an audit trail in case any file goes missing.
  • Easy integration with student management system: Educational institutions can integrate the software with their student management system. This can make the school ERP system more efficient and reduce the possibility of misplacing key data and information.
  • Easy tracking of the movement of files: Using the software, the administrators and faculty can easily track the movement of files in the school management system. The file creators can get real-time information about their files’ location and status.
  • Creates and tracks unlimited number of files: With a good file management system, users can create and track as many files as they want. They can also upload any number of documents.
  • Limits the files’ access to unauthorized persons: File tracking systems have robust security measures in place. Only authorized persons can view and access files and documents. The system will alert the administrators and file creators if any unauthorized people try to access the file.
  • Receivers get a notification via SMS or email: A file tracking system sends SMS or email notifications to the receivers of files. This informs them before they receive the file(s) and enables them to work on priority basis if there is a time-specific need.

What does a robust file management system offer?

A robust file management system can provide both your students and faculty with the following features:

  • Unlimited file sizes:  A decent file management system enables you to upload and share large sizes of files.
  • Monitor multiple versions of files: Users can keep track of multiple versions of their files.
  • Advanced sharing and management: Users can set passwords, expiration dates, download limits, and share files to their selected receivers.

Advantages of file tracking system

The file tracking system offers the following benefits to educational institutions and the users:

  • Users can create as many files as they want.
  •  They also can upload any number of documents.
  • A file creator can track the file’s movement.
  • Educational institutions can integrate the software with their student management system.
  • Receivers get a notification via SMS or email.

Reports generated by the file tracking system

These are the reports by the file tracking system:

  • Users can generate the consolidated file list with a few clicks.
  • The reports with different file statuses such as the Forward, Pending, In Process, and Completed.
  • The system allows a user to generate an entire file movement tracking report for a single file.
  • The system can also generate status reports for a single file with user remarks.

Steps to do after implementing the file tracking system

After setting up the file management system, you must take the following steps to ensure smooth integration and transition:

  • Segregate the information that will enter the file format
  • Select who is going to administer and manage the files
  • Train your staff to use the system and assign them with different roles
  • Ask faculty if they face any problems while using the system
  • Make a timeline for key tasks
  • Provide how to use the information regularly
  • Retrain the staff if there is an upgrade in the system
  • Demonstrate the process using simple videos
  • Evaluate your system’s performance at regular intervals to avoid problems


To track all your files in your educational institution, you should install a robust file tracking system from a reliable school ERP provider. The education sector has its own set of requirements and challenges. A service provider with a strong track record of catering to the sector is the best choice for the work.

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