The Fire TV stick has changed the entertainment industry, offering users a front row seat to the best of the best! What’s the best you may ask? Well, users now days are looking for quick access to a one stop shop for movies, TV shows, VPN apps, games, music, live sports events and more! With the best apps for Firestick, you’re bound to never leave home! Well, not for a while at least. 

I’ve shortlisted a couple of the best Firestick apps, depending on what most users are looking up on Google. If you want popular movies, or want in on all the action on Live sports channels, this guide covers it all! All the apps covered work with Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, Fire HD tablet and other models. However, we’re not too sure about full functionality on 2nd generation Fire TV. 

Hold on!

Before jumping to the apps, it’s a cardinal saying that most apps aren’t safe to access, regardless on Firestick or another device. The thing is, not every country has access to some of the apps posted here, while some block access to them based on kind of content. 

For instance, China bans access to most apps and streaming services. The workaround method to skip the restrictions and maintain the privacy and security online is by adding the best VPN for Firestick.

VPN apps come in handy and are in fact also some of the best Firestick apps from a standpoint of online security and access to other Fire TV apps that come with restrictions. Take a look below on how you can add one to your Firestick device.

How to add a VPN app for Firestick 

  • Start up your Firestick.
  • On the homescreen, click on “Search.” 
  • Type in the name of the VPN you want and search for it.
  • Click on the result and then on “Download” or “Get.” 
  • Wait a bit for the app to install. 
  • Launch the VPN and connect to a US server or any server of the country where the Firestick apps are available. 
  • That’s about it!

There are many VPNs that are currently on the top. You just have to dig deeper and find them. If they’re not available on the Amazon Store, you could always download the APK file. 

Best Apps for Firestick in 2022

Nowadays, users are mostly looking for Firestick apps to access the best movies, TV shows, music, live sports and games. There are too many apps available on the Amazon Store that might fluster you out. This guide will highlight only a selected few that are mostly downloaded lately. We start with: 

1. Pluto TV – Movies and Live TV

Movies are great but sometimes you’re just looking for some good quality live TV streams. Pluto TV is currently on the top for that, where you can catch live cooking shows hosted by Gordon Ramsey, or live sports events. It’s not just for live TV! You’ll find a whole plethora of movies, TV shows, news and other categories. Best of all? The service is free! 

2. Netflix – Paid suscription for movies & more

Netflix is another app for Firestick that does not need any introductions. It was coined back in 1997 but did not hit the market until 2007. Netflix holds massive content libraries to choose various movies, TV shows, documentaries, mini-series and much more. However, because the service is a paid subscription, and because it’s geo-restricted in most countries, make sure you use a Firestick VPN to access it, or to unlock libraries other than the one available to you. You can easily download this app on Firestick from the Amazon Store. Other than Firestick, you can get the Netflx Kodi add-on and use it on multiiple other platforms.

3. Disney Plus – Paid Subscription & offers access to Hulu and ESPN+

Taking you down memory lane, Disney Plus is one of the best apps to have on your Firestick. From Pixar shortfilms to MCU movies, and Star Wars content, Disney+ is now giving Netflix a run for its money. You can easily get the Disney Plus app on Firestick from the Amazon Store. Additionally, this streaming service is great on other devices too; for instance you can install Disney Plus on Roku, PS4, Apple TV and others. 

4. ESPN+ 

Coming to sports content, another app for Firestick that makes a great addition is ESPN+. Get highlights, live events, and playbacks to some of the greatest MMA, and UFC fights. You can even pay for the event online and catch the fights live on your Firestick via ESPN+. Again, if it’s not available to download on your Firestick, you can still get it and sign up for ESPN+ using the best VPN for it.

5. Happy Chick – Free gaming emulator

It’s an aall exclusive and inclusive game emulator that can easily turn your Android device into a kind of virtual remote, which by the way can easily be synced to your Firestick device. Happy Chick supports PS, PSP, and NES for enhanced speeds and performance. Plus, other than just your Firestick, this emulator can be installed on other devices too like your smartphones. Just in case you’re wondering, this Firestick app is free!

6. Crunchyroll – Premium app that offers a free plan

Anime has become pretty popular lately, and if you’re looking for one platform to catch all-anime exclusives, Crunchyroll makes the best Firestick app. It holds more than 30,000 anime episodes and also offers movies, games, news updates and more for fans worldwide. There is a free version with limited content, or you can pay around $7.99/mo. for the premium plan.

7. DistroTV – Free live TV & VOD

Another free app for Firestick is DistroTV with tons of live content ranging from EuroNews to Video on Demand content. It makes a great free live TV app, where some of the best streaming content is featured from locations like the US, UK and Canada.

8. Fox Sports Free & paid plans for sports events

Fox TV used to be and is still one of the best and most poplar streaming services. It’s why it makes a great app to have on your Firestick, The Fox Sports app is easily available to downlaod on your Firestick. News highlights, live sports events, and talk shows are only a few things to expect with this service.

9. Spotify – Free & paid FireTV app for music lovers 

Long gone are the days of YouTube and Vimeo. Music lovers have now switched to Spotify, which can turn your Firestick into a never-ending boombox. You could call it the ultimate Firestick app to have for music.

10. MX Player 

It is sometimes a dire necessity to install third-part Firestick apps since some aren’tt available. For smoother performance, and to play audio files MX Player is a necessary software to have on your Firestick. It’s easy to use and plays in the background to avoid interference with other apps used with it. 

To conclude

And that’s a wrap! You now have access to a few of the best apps for Firestick. Of couse there are plenty more to look into, but, right now these top 10 apps will get the job done, regardless of whether you prefer movies, TV shows, songs, documentaries, live TV and more.

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