Released in response to the Java platform, the .Net platform was released in 2002. Meant for object-oriented programming, today the platform has multiple other products such as .NET Core, Xamarin, etc. The dotnet developers enjoy using multiple libraries of the framework and participating in .net developer community. While .NET Core is suitable for all platforms, Xamarin has shown great success with mobile application development.

There are immense opportunities for different professionals in the IT sector. The .NET framework is one of the expertise that offers huge opportunities to the .net developers. The 2020 Developer Survey, claims that both ASP.NET and.NET Core have made their place in the top 10 frameworks as per developers’ choice with 22.9% and 20.3% share respectively. 

.NET framework supports around 11 programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, F#, VisualBasic, etc. Also, its wide range of features and consistent yearly upgrades makes it a versatile platform for many application development projects. Statistically ASP.NET Core is the 6th most used web framework among developers. Due to its popularity, it has turned out to be a stable carrier choice for numerous developers. 

The demand for the NET developers may be high, but to be counted amongst successful dot net developers, you need to power up with certain key skills. Let’s see what skills can help you become a go-to .Net developer. 

7 Must Have Skills .Net Developers Need to Master

  1. Sharp Programming Skills: 
    1. The developers must have a solid understanding and experience of coding. Their understanding of the codes can help recognize the need to write a new code by utilizing old existing ones, to save time and resources. While spending time on the prototype, the developers can analyze their code and its performance and also make changes when needed. 
    2. .NET can be pretty intense and structured, so a formal education in software development is necessary. 
  2. Entity Framework:
    1. .NET is an open-source object-relational mapping framework by Microsoft. development services look for developers who know the entity framework. With entity, the developers need not focus on the objects and relations of your application database and still use it efficiently. The developers must also be competent enough to use Entity Framework Core which is a lightweight, extensible, open-source, and cross-platform version of Entity Framework. 
  1. Ability to Refactor Code:
    1. Code refactoring is the process of restructuring codes without changing or adding to its external behavior and functionality. Developers should know that net development services look for programmers who have the ability to refactor codes. A developer must begin work on an existing application with poor codes and restructure it without altering the external behavior.
  1. Xamarin:
    1. It is a platform of .NET library. The tool is specifically helpful in the development of mobile applications. The Xamarin platform consists of a base framework for accessing native features, libraries for design patterns, platform-specific libraries, and editor extensions providing functionalities for mobile development. Many development company look for Xamarin platform knowledge in a developer especially when they need developers for mobile app development. 
  1. Ability to Work in SCRUM- 
    1. For all those business organizations working on the agile model, SCRUM is usually the most preferred methodology. Companies hire .net developers who have the required skills to work in SCRUM. It can be used to develop specific functionalities of web applications and services. 
    2. You can use it to develop specific functionalities of web applications and services. Any software engineer including a .net developer should be able to work in SCRUM and have a full grasp of Agile development concepts. Knowledge of both helps the developer and the project manager to work closely.
  1. MCSD, MCTS and MVP Certification:
    1. Large .NET companies hire dot net developers who have any or all of these highly regarded Microsoft certifications. The validity of the certificates is just two years after which it needs to be re-acquired by the developer. As the curriculum of the certification is also upgraded every two years, developer skills are also upgraded. All experienced dot net developers must take this certification to be Microsoft certified solutions developers.
  1. Soft Skills
    1. While developers should have strong technical skills, .net development services also look into their soft skills as well. A developer must possess the following soft skills that can help them work better and cooperate with others smoothly.  
  • Communication: To be able to work in a team and deliver results requires clear and timely communication of timely information. They should be able to explain how they operate the systems and what coding languages they use for their projects
  • Good Listening Skills: A developer who is an active listener will carefully hear other team members and ask questions to enhance his understanding of the needs of the project
  • Problem-solving Skills: You can only plan for challenges you foresee, for everything else the developers need to have an aggressive attitude towards challenges. Developers must possess analytical thinking and creativity for solving unaccounted problems
  • Time-Management: Developers should have the ability to manage themselves and the task in the given time frame. This is important in almost all jobs but enormously significant in creative activities like programming and software development in general. The outcome of this is visible if your job has a big part in the overall outcome of the project


The growing scale of major businesses and the rapid digital transformation fueled by Covid-19 have increased the demand for scalable and secure business solutions. For instance, the growth in ecommerce in the last decade has had an exponential impact on custom ecommerce services. Likewise, the growth of other sectors will also fuel the demand for custom software, thus increasing the number of opportunities for individual .net developers and a dot net development company.

Therefore, the time is right for .NET developers. However, they need to polish their skills to be counted among the best developers in the market. To be an expert, developers should first understand the industry they work for. This will help them understand the type of projects implemented in the company they work for.

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