Does A Dissertation Topic Have To Be Original? Innovative Ideas Are PricelesA dissertation topic must be original because mere imitation does not add value to literature. The research aims to explore new ideas and add value to the existing literature. Innovative ideas are priceless because of their uniqueness and features that set them apart from redundant and repetitive ideas. Research for the sake of research is a frivolous exercise because it lacks curiosity. This article will tell you about the importance of an original and unique dissertation topic and will provide tips on finding innovative ideas for your dissertation topic. 

Why Must A Dissertation Topic Be Original?

Originality and uniqueness are the two characteristics that define an outstanding dissertation. Research is an exploratory process that seeks to pursue knowledge to add value to human life. An original dissertation topic has useful theoretical and practical implications for research. Unique and original research topics foster knowledge and promote academic excellence. Original research topics lead to the discovery of new facts and theories that aid in developing academic knowledge. It opens further avenues for research and provides a different perspective to analyse the natural and social realities. 

How can you identify original and unique dissertation topics for your research?


A good researcher is a good observer. A keen observer pays attention to detail and identifies unique dissertation topics. Expert and renowned researchers are good observers, and the ability to make sense of the little things makes their work exceptional. The concept of research started with the sense of wonderment and human aspirations to gaze upon the stars. A questioning mind is curious and does not accept everything as it is. According to Aristotle, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”So, identifying the original dissertation topic depends upon your observational skills. Observing reality requires good listening skills and the ability to recognise patterns. Once you master this concept, it will be easier for you to identify unique topics for your research. Hiring best dissertation writers from a reliable dissertation writing service can be a good choice for this purpose.

Staying Abreast of Latest Developments in Research

The next step to identify a unique and original research topic is by keeping abreast of the latest research developments. You must follow the recent debates and challenges taking place in your field. It will help you gather ideas for selecting a unique topic for your research. The development of innovative ideas depends upon the researcher’s knowledge of their field. Subject expertise and awareness of the latest developments are crucial for unique topic selection. 

Read the Recently Published Research

You can devise your original dissertation topic by reading the recently published research. It is imperative to read the recommendation section carefully. Every published research provides recommendations for future research. However, it does not mean you are stealing someone’s ideas because you will use your judgment and knowledge to structure a unique topic.  


Brainstorming is not an activity to make a list of the things you know. On the other hand, brainstorming entails putting your thoughts onto paper and reflecting on your ideas. Reflection and contemplation are the hallmarks of a true scholar. You can identify an original research topic with the help of brainstorming. You can do some research online and identify the gaps in the literature. Note down the significant gaps that exist in the existing knowledge. Once you note down these ideas, it is important to employ your critical faculties to evaluate the ideas. Evaluation helps you weigh the pros and cons of your thoughts and filter the redundant ideas. Consequently, you can identify an original dissertation topic for your research. 

Discussion with Peers and Professors

We often encounter ideas in our lives that we take for granted in our daily conversations. However, a researcher who has a scholarly mindset creates value out of those discussions. In the next step, you indulge in any discussion about the issues surrounding you; you must pay keen attention to the discussion. Discussion and debates often lead to the discovery of ideas that help researchers arrive at original dissertation topics. So, it is incumbent upon researchers to benefit from the conversations and debates about natural and social phenomena.

The originality of ideas vs. original topic

Sometimes it is difficult for researchers to develop an original dissertation topic. They refer to the ideas developed by others and extend them further. There is no harm in doing so because research is a collaborative process. We all learn from each other and share and contribute to knowledge development. However, the important thing to remember is that the ideas must be original. The originality of ideas has significant importance in research. It does not matter whether you are taking inspiration from the works of other researchers, but if you steal their ideas too, it is academic dishonesty. So, academic standards entail that the ideas and arguments of your research must be original. Authenticity lends you credibility and gives you the recognition you deserve. It is pertinent to acknowledge the ideas of others if you are using them in your research. 

Coherence and Analytical Rigor

It does not matter how original the dissertation topic is until or unless you do not develop coherent and analytical arguments. Analysis and coherence in research have significant importance. It is essential to critically evaluate the arguments. Arguments supported by ample evidence enhance your research problem and help you answer your research questions. The dissertation must have a coherent structure. 

A continuous flow of ideas increases the readability and comprehension of the dissertation. You must use transition words and conjunctions for joining and contrasting ideas. The arguments must be strong and logical. They should not be a collection of statements grouped without providing any strong rationale. You must justify your research’s significance by identifying the literature gaps and answering how your research fills those gaps. 


Originality and uniqueness are the fundamental characteristics of a dissertation topic. A researcher must identify unique ideas for their research. These studies must have the potential to add value to the literature and contribute to the growth of knowledge. You can follow the above-mentioned guidelines for choosing unique and original topics for your research.

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