It is not practical to give children a real phone as real phones are expensive and young people could be exposed to harmful content on the internet. This is where the YPhone comes into play.

This year, kids are obsessed with the YPhone toy phone like never before. Yphone is the first smartphone developed by a professional company. Considering the phone’s features, it quickly became a popular option for parents to buy as a gift.

Children will constantly try to imitate their parents’ behavior, and when they see you talking on a cell phone, they will want a toy cell phone to play with.

However, it is not practical to give children a real phone as real phones are expensive and young people could be exposed to harmful content on the internet. This is where the YPhone comes into play.


For which age group is the YPhone best suited?

The iPhone is a great toy phone for kids. It has an intuitive interface, large screen and many features that make it fun and exciting. The iPhone is particularly good for children who are interested in technology and video games. It’s also a good phone for kids who need a reliable device to keep up with their busy schedules.

What makes YPhone so popular?

YPhone is a small play phone for children. These toy phones are perfect for kids and toddlers. This pseudomobile will surely delight and entertain children and babies.

EXCELLENT FINISH: The face of the phone reflects a cell phone with buttons for all numbers, colors and all that. The toy phone has a little teddy bear with the heart picture on the back for the kids. There are different designs and cartoon characters in different models to attract children.

Buttons: It can do many things since the buttons actually work! Every time you press a button, the phone changes with lights that accompany the songs. With its working buttons, the YPhone does more.

Music: The toy phone has many different songs that let the children understand the melody of a song. You can sing along with the phone. Equipped with different music and songs, it can keep the pickiest babies busy. You will stay away from messing around with your phone.

Lights: Although the sides of the phone appear opaque, they enclose glowing bright lights. The phone glows all around, making it fun for kids to look at and play with. The flashing multicolored lights on the edges make the phone realistic and stimulating. Flashing lights, music and sounds attract children.

Camera: The YPhone is designed to look like it comes with a camera. Due to its reasonable size, it fools children into thinking they have a real phone.

Children are always eager to learn new shapes, colors, textures, tastes, sounds and things around them. The toy phone helps to learn motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination.

YPhone specifications

The simulation learning YPhone is a simple toy. It is not a real phone and also it does not contain games. The toy phone measures 12.5 cm (L), 5.8 cm (W) and 0.8 cm (thick) and easily fits in children’s hands. It also has a compact design and sturdy body, and weighs a mere 90g. Yphone is available in black and white color models.

It comes with a power button, insulating sheet and micro USB charging interface. The charger takes 10 to 20 minutes to recharge the toy phone. It also has bold color buttons that will attract kids.

Pros of YPhone

  • Its elegant design simulates the Apple iPhone
  • Full of color and improves number recognition and listening skills
  • Adorable Lanterns
  • Stimulating sound effects
  • Improves baby’s cognitive and motor skills.
  • Enter the realm of fantasy
  • Comes with a micro USB charger
  • Attractive and affordable
  • Makes a great gift

Yphone price

Several companies make it, and it sells for around $10 in popular e-commerce stores

Disadvantages of YPhone

Despite being one of the most popular toy phones out there, owning a YPhone does come with a few downsides. Some parents report that their children are quickly outgrowing the capabilities of the phone and unfit for anything more than basic communication. Also, many children find it difficult to control the functions of the phone without the help of an adult.


Kids have it easy these days. There are literally thousands of toy phones to choose from on the market today and many are even compatible with online games, giving them hours of entertainment when they are not using their phones for other purposes. What is the best cell phone for kids? In this YPhone review, we look at one of the best toy phones for kids for your child.

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