If you are keen on hosting an event at either your residence or at a hotel or a small pub near you with the sole aim of making it memorable, you need a few inflatable marquee to spice it up. These marquees add something that is a must-have at an event of any sort: a great first impression. And as any astute event planner would tell you (if you decided to hire one), first impressions are usually the ones that matter, and they can make or break your event.

Events, of course, are notoriously difficult to plan. Plus, they are harder to execute. From birthdays to baby showers to product launches, an inflatable gazebo can bring along just the right amount of panache and a little bit of the elusive ‘wow’ factor that makes a good party a great one.

Nowadays, you can easily buy outdoor inflatable event tents in case you are intent on hosting a major gathering and where food and drinks might also be served. These are sturdy structures, are weatherproof and windproof, can act as a remarkably durable and attractive shelter outdoors and are overall of great advantage for any event.

But what if you are planning to host a smaller event, maybe one indoors? This is where an inflatable marquee for indoor use comes in. They arrive in various sizes and are quite attractive.

But besides these, there are some concrete reasons why inflatable shelters are the need of the hour for all kinds of events. Some of the most obvious advantages of these gazebos are mentioned below.

Five reasons why your event needs inflatable marquees

Here are some proven reasons why your event will look a lot cooler with dome gazebos and other sorts of custom marquees.

1. They are easy to install and pack up:

It does not take too much effort to install custom shaped inflatable shelters at the planned location, regardless of whether it is outdoors or inside. As is obvious, they are automatically inflatable, meaning that a simple twist of the inlet knob will allow air to gush in and get the party started.

While it is true that a regular marquee is not entirely devoid of purpose, they do not have the same style quotient that such portable gazebos have. These can change the looks and up the style quotient in mere minutes. They will then become the centre of attraction, and attendees will have a gala time, especially if your chosen inflatable marquees can double up as playing areas for the kids.

It is advisable to always purchase such marquees from reputed dealers and retailers. If you are planning to purchase an inflatable marquee for outdoor use, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Most of them will promise a lower price, but you will have to sacrifice durability and longevity.

In our experience, Extreme Marquees, one of Australia’s largest retailers of various types of marquees and gazebos stores some of the finest inflatable marquees currently available in the market. They also sell a fine range of customisable tents and other inflatable products for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Such marquees are very memorable:

As we mentioned earlier, people enjoy parties that are memorable for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, it might be because the food which was served was rather delectable. Perhaps the hospitality was excellent. You can also use custom-made inflatable shelters or something of that sort to ensure that your party’s guests are enthralled by the entire contraption. Modern tents are available in an awe-inspiring range of colours, and they are bound to hold the attention of the people attending.

Colours, according to scientists, play a major role in forming memories. What better way can there be to form longer-lasting happy memories than buying what you believe is the perfect inflatable gazebo for your planned event?

It must be noted here that a ‘perfect gazebo’ does not exist, for choice is subjective. However, if you can take some time out and visit a reputed retailer like Extreme Marquees, you might just find one that ticks all the right boxes.

3. The element of versatility:

Versatility is one of the single biggest factors in the increasing popularity of custom tents and gazebos. From their design to their shape, and from their manufacturing material to several other value additions, versatility is probably the middle name of inflatable marquees! A high-quality marquee can withstand significant wind-speeds and can be a delightful addition to either your indoor or outdoor event when the party really hits the gas.

4. Don’t forget the customisation angle:

Yes indeed! From shape to material and design, you can thoroughly customise these gazebos and place an order with a retailer like Extreme Marques. You can even brand your product by having the logo and related designs printed on the outsides of the gazebo. Never underestimate the power of customisation; it is one of those few elements that makes a party or an event truly memorable.

When a guest remembers that you had ‘that’ inflatable marquee for outdoor use at your event, you will realise just how much of a positive impact sensible customisations can have on your attendees!

5. Nearly endless shape and size options for more fun:

While we have mentioned it earlier, it merits repetition. Inflatable marquees are available in a amazing number of shapes and sizes. Some are so geometrically complicated that you would probably be left dumbstruck! All these advantages mean that you can choose a gazebo which you deem best fits the event you are planning.

Is it a children’s get-together? Is it a more sombre affair, like a business meeting? Or is it a semi-formal affair, like when your extended family decides to catch up with one another after being cooped up for so long thanks to the pandemic?

There are endless possibilities obviously. Luckily, there are also endless varieties of inflatable marquees when it comes to shape and size. Often, these two elements also decide which model you really require. 

Want more reasons to convince yourself or someone else that investing in a durable marquee is worth every penny?

Get in touch with Extreme Marquees today! Learn from the professionals about the various materials and so on, and the art and science that together create magic in the form of a gazebo.

We sure did get in touch with them, and they were immensely impressive!

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