Braille watches can be in a different variety of styles. They contain tactile reliefs or high surfaces, which allows visually impaired people to tell time by touch.

Analog braille watches contain a protective cover, usually made of glass. This cover is open to reveal tactile reliefs, allowing the user to tell the time with a simple touch.

Digital braille watches work in a slightly different way, as the location of the dots continues to change position as time changes. Unlike analog braille watches, digital braille watches require the wearer to be proficient in the braille alphabet to tell the time.

Some braille watches are double as talking clocks, giving wearers both an auditory and tactile option to tell time. Braille watches are generally worn by people who are legally blind or have significant vision loss.

The Best Braille Watches

1. VisionU Men’s Braille Watch

This Braille watch offered by VISIONU is elegant, stylish and an excellent choice for the visually impaired. Users like the watch to be easy to read, but some find it suitable only for men.

The VISIONU gray Braille watch has a case diameter of 38 mm, a 18 mm wide stainless steel band and a glass lid that opens up to 180 degrees, allowing easy access to the front of the watch. Another great thing about this watch is that it has three touch points at 12 o’clock, two points at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and one point for the rest of the hours.

2. Reizen Men’s Braille Watch

If you are looking for a Braille watch with the best quality, you can check out this golden Braille watch from Reizen. Users like the band to be leather, but some find it too small for them.

The Reizen point watch has a speech function that announces the time by simply pressing a button with a clear male voice and high tactile dots with which you can read the time by touch. Another great thing about this watch is that it has an alarm clock and a selectable time. The watch runs on CR2025 battery.

A buyer comments that he bought the Reizen gold Braille watch for his visually impaired father and that he loves it. The reviewer adds that his father has no problems with the watch and recommends it with great confidence.

Another buyer claims that the point watch arrived without proper instructions, but this was not a disagreement for him.

However, he notices that the band has a size of 7 inches and an ordinary men’s watch has an 8-inch band. He warns that if you want to give this watch as a gift, you should know the size of your wrist before ordering.

3. LSS Braille watch for women

Braille watches are tailored watches that allow the visually impaired and the blind to tell time

These blind watches have tactile reliefs on the dial that help visually impaired users tell time, so it’s not a “braille” technique.

Tactile markers are usually configured so that 3, 6 and 9 hours are identified by a colon, 12 are marked with three, and the rest of the hours are embossed with a single dot.

The clock will open, often articulated at 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours. As for adaptive watches, there are also

  • low vision watches (in very large letters)
  • digital speech clocks
  • Although, LSS and Reizen both talk about braille watches. Simply press a button and the clock tells you what time it is.

Indeed, if you are buying an adaptive watch for a loved one, you will want to figure out what their preference is – whether a braille watch, a low vision watch or a standalone speech watch is the best option for them.

For men, the Reizen speaker option is the best bet, although it has a traditional 7 “watch band as opposed to a traditional 8” band. So, you will want to make sure that it will fit your wrist or your loved one’s hand.

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