Fashion and style are significant prospects across the globe. A woman’s wardrobe is a critical factor in her life, and wide-brimmed hats are an essential upgrade. Hats boost your style instantly and take your personality to the next level. A wide-brimmed hat has a brim size of more than three inches. Hence, wide-brim hats are perfect sun protection and an excellent outdoor element when wind, rain, and snow. These hats are versatile and are available in multiple styles and colors. From floppy hats to fedora hats, the list never ends.

Fortunately, you have viable options to choose from when looking at wide brim hats. Before you initiate the hat selection, there are a few key points you have to bear in mind.

How will you know that the wide-brimmed hat is right for you?

Selecting the perfect wide-brimmed hat is a daunting and time-consuming task. You may feel that visiting online stores and selecting an attractive hat is easy. However, it is not so. Ensure that you choose the best option in terms of size and appearance. Never lose sight of the size chart. You must understand your head size and select a hat that makes you look versatile and attractive.

Getting a hat in proper proportion is significant. When you are in the buying process, it’s better to look for a hat that fits you well. Do not go for large or small sizes because both won’t make you look appropriate. If you want to catch attention, select a hat whose brim size is not more than three inches and whose crown has a different appeal. After purchasing the hat according to your requirement, you must be cautious of the maintenance and cleaning process. The cleaning procedure is easy, provided you manage every step nicely. More so, you must be careful of your face shape because that works as a guiding light in your selection of wide-brim hats.

Discover different options of wide-brim hats

Since you know the key points you have to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect hat, you have to delve deep into the options available in the market. If you don’t know different options, distinguishing between them will not be possible. Hence, take a look at the trendiest wide brim hats available in the market:

•    Fedora hats: Fedora hats are the best fashion accessory of all the desirable and flattering hat styles. When you visit the market to get your perfect wide brim hat, it’s viable to look into fedora hats. Fedora hats have flexible brims and a distinct appeal that grabs everyone’s attention. More so, the intended crown and center crease with pinched sides is what gives the fedora hat an attractive appeal. Although wool is the primary material of these hats, you can also wear fedora hats in other seasons. If you want to wear wide brim hat womens in the summer months, you may go for the felt fedora hats available in the market. Ensure that you know the anatomy of hats before buying them. You will undoubtedly enhance your fashion sense when you go for wide brim felt or wool fedora hats. The wide brim with the leather band gives you protection in the winter, spring, and fall.

•    Floppy hats: Irrespective of the name suggests, floppy hats look decent. They are a popular variant of wide brim hats available in the market. The unstructured design with wide brims makes floppy hats a must-have accessory. Floppy hats are the best options if you want to showcase retro style yet be bold. These headwear are great if you are planning to attend official events. Even if floppy hats sound excellent for a casual affair, they are equally appealing in an office get-together. Different materials help manufacture floppy hats that include straw, wool, felt and leather. You must go for the material that suits your personality and fits the season.

•    Sun hats: Sun hats or straw sun hats include several headwears. Toquilla straw, packable hat, and Panama hat all come within this category. The wide-brimmed straw hat has become a fashion accessory among women. Since these hats are lightweight and breathable, they provide extra comfort in any season. On the contrary, wide-brimmed straw hats are excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet radiations. If you want to get sun protection and feel comfortable, you have to go for straw hats that have a good sun protection rating. More so, go for the hats, which come with chin straps because they don’t blow away with a strong breeze.

•    Derby hats: Another famous wide brim hat you will encounter in the market are the Derby hats. These wide-brimmed hats complement different types of outfits and take your personality to the next level. These are perfect for informal and formal occasions. Although the brim and shape of the hat are long for covering the forehead, they will help you showcase a dramatic and bold personality.

If you want something functional, durable, and high quality, you must go for wide-brim hats. These are the most popular category of wide-brimmed hats for ladies. You can wear these in any season or any occasion to look stunning.

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