The demand for language model Open AI has been on the rise; therefore, everyone follows suit. Technological stalwarts like Google and Microsoft also focus on generative AI to introduce chatbots. Due to the public APIs, it is easy to develop your applications. Now there are several conversational AI tools which can compete with Open AI’s chat GPT.

Apart from other conversational AIs, ChatGPT features high accuracy. However, conversational AI chatbots still have flaws. We should understand that no matter our tools, they can go wrong and provide fewer competencies.

Top AI Chatbots of 2023

But considering the accuracy, uniqueness and use experience, ChatGPT is ranked the best among others. In this article, we shall look at the popular AI chatbots of 2023.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not the first AI chatbot, but it has made its mark with its user-friendly interface. OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a paid version. It features human-like responses which are informative. Recently, ChatGPT has developed a Bing plugin, which gives the most up-to-date search results.

2. Bing Chat

The Bing chat from Microsoft is one of the advanced chatbots. It uses GPT-4 and is free to use. One of the limitations is the number of messages per conversation is limited. But it certainly helps people even though it has shorter responses.

3. Google Bard

Google released its AI chatbot, Google Bard, after the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Bard is also competent and uses PaLM 2, the most updated version of Google’s large language models.

4. Mitsuku

Mitsuku is an AI chatbot developed by Pandorabots. It has extraordinary conversational abilities. Mitsuku used advanced NLP algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand and answer user queries naturally and engagingly. It can hold conversations on several subjects and provides useful information. Mitsuku analyses the language you use and your mood and answers accordingly. It can play games, tell jokes and engage in interactions based on your state of mind.

5. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is a robust AI chatbot supposed to work for businesses regardless of their sizes.  Using IBM’s Watson technology, this chatbot features advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and manages complex queries effortlessly. IBM Watson Assistant is created using machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning models. It also makes use of entity recognition and intent classification. It can handle complex tasks such as scheduling appointments and product recommendations. Also allows integration with backend systems, CRM, and other tools businesses use. With its advanced features, IBM Watson Assistant facilitates businesses to provide improved customer experience.

6. LivePerson

An AI-powered live chat focusing on human-like interaction, LivePerson chatbots help better connect with customers and improve customer experience, facilitating growth opportunities for your business brand. It assists in understanding the needs of consumers in real time and helps make crucial business decisions. Intent Manager uses the data to understand the conversation context. LivePerson helps build and create strong relationships with customers by customizing messages. Also, it provides a range of analytics and useful tools that helps understand customers’ preferences. Furthermore, it allows you to build and customize chatbots in accordance with your unique needs, that too, without any coding experience.

7. Ada

xAda’s AI capabilities facilitate chatbots to understand customer queries to give precise responses. You can enhance customer experience using Ada with the help of its advanced analytics. Also, business enterprises can gain valuable information regarding customer interactions. It facilitates easy customization to provide a personalized experience for customers. With Ada, businesses can deliver businesses to deliver efficient and scalable customer service, which further results in increased customer satisfaction. It utilizes pre-trained ML models, which can be altered to meet your business needs. Also uses profiles and metadata and accesses important data to provide the best solutions to personalize conversations.


Several technological advancements are happening in the AI chatbot arena. The above chatbots possess enhanced customized interactions, natural language processing, and expertise across many industries with features such as emotional intelligence and improved efficiency. Chatbots will continue to evolve as technology advances as time passes and help enhance productivity all at once.

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