The term social media management today is not new. Moreover, social media has become a rapidly growing phenomenon in the business world. Often business people have used social media management as an essential component of a marketing strategy. Social media management is also developed with promising features to promote companies and products. This marketing method can be considered as part of online marketing activities.

What is Social Media Management

Have you done business social media account management? If you don’t know it, there’s nothing wrong with studying social media management. Social media management uses several tools, software or services to help every business person share their business content on social media.

Social media management activities include:

  • Scheduling marketing plans such as posting time on social media.
  • Interacting with the target audience.
  • Managing social media responses quickly.

However, exploring the world of social media is not an easy thing. Judging from the development of social media that continues to change, of course, it also requires a personal figure with high flying hours. Often referred to as a social media manager.

The company trusts this social media manager to monitor, execute, filter, edit and measure the social media presence of a company, brand, or individual. Not only that, but a social media manager must also be very careful in filtering each content and must be careful with the content that will be broadcast.

What is the Importance of Social Media Management in Business?

Here are some of the importance of social media management as follows:

  1. It Can Introduce Business Widely

The use of social media has certainly increased, so it has become a very broad target market. Well, if a company creates a social media account for its business, it can directly introduce the company widely by sharing attractive posts and product videos on its page.

So that way, you can make your business do global marketing and attract consumers domestically and abroad. If you manage your business’s social media accounts well, this will undoubtedly increase people’s trust just from the social media they see.

  1. It Can Increase Your Business Sales

In studying social media management, of course, there is a science about social media marketing so that the content you upload can attract a lot of interest and the audience’s purchasing power.

So this can increase every sale and various other profits for your business.

  1. It Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

By making good and appropriate social media management and accompanied by quality and regular content. of course, it can increase audience awareness of your brand’s existence on social media. Make sure to add your brand logo to every posts and videos so that it can increase your brand awareness and will also make it easier for your business to grow and develop.

  1. As a Practical Media for Information, News and Promotion

Today’s society certainly understands very well that every store or company already has its own presence on social media accounts. So if you want to promote your product or service, you only have to upload it to get a broader target market. What’s more, if you promote using social media, it will undoubtedly be much cheaper, practical, and also energy efficient.

  1. Showing the Company’s Brand Personality

By selling products or services in today’s digital era, of course, it is no longer just showing what you are selling. But people will become more interested in the quality and identity of the company that sells it. This quality and identity are known as brand personality. Of course, the impact of having a brand personality is huge for your business.

Social Media Management Tools

Generally, every company has social media accounts on different platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others. To make it easier for you to manage these social media accounts, you can use the various social media management tools below.


Buffer is a social media management tool that is very easy to use in scheduling any content on your business social media. You can even schedule content up to a week ahead, so you don’t have to worry about your business content anymore. In addition, this tool is also very suitable for those who do not have time to update content on social media constantly.


Using Hootsuite’s social media management tools, you can easily schedule each post, reply to messages, and know the amount of traffic on social media. So for that, Hootsuite has a very important role as a tool that can help you manage every account on your business social media.


This type of social media management tool is one of the social media analytics platforms that can help you see the effectiveness of your social media campaigns through various intuitive and well-crafted dashboards.

In addition, these social media management tools will also help you provide recommendations on how to reach your audience and improve your business’s social media performance. Crowdbooster also has content scheduling and automating features. That way, you no longer need to upload business content on your social media manually.


That’s an explanation of social media management tools that you need to know as a businessman. Paying attention to social media management in a business can certainly provide its own advantages for your business.

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