How many analytical tools for your social media network do you know? If you want to achieve success with your campaigns, measuring and analyzing are two things that you should never underestimate.

Knowing what is going on in social networks and knowing your followers are important. Not only when you are going to plan your strategy, but is it also vital to do it after you start it. Thus, you will fine-tune your campaign to get more engagement, get more followers and improve a higher ROI.

Identify the metrics you should analyze

In addition, it has a practical utility when it comes to achieving your goals. You can measure in real time if a strategy is being effective. And if not, correct your actions to further improve your stats. Always have some social media investigation tool at your fingertips and it will be easier for you to know what works, what doesn’t and how to fix it.

If you do not know many of these tools, in this list you will find selected these analytical tools for your social networks that will be of great help to you.

However, although they are all similar, they do not all have the same functions. But it is true that there are a series of metrics that would be ideal to analyze since they are the ones that will give you a good clue as to where your strategy is heading.

Analyzing your social networks is measuring your success

Social networks are today one of the most effective channels of communication between a brand and its customers. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your networks to know who your followers are and how they interact with your brand.

Knowing your audience and knowing what their motivations and interests are allows you to adapt your social media strategies and offer them exactly what they are looking for. 

The essential metrics of any social media analysis

Many companies focus on developing an attractive and impressive content strategy . And yet, they leave campaign analysis to the last minute and do it superficially. But, for an analysis of social networks to be effective, the ideal is to be clear about the metrics that you are going to study.

Not all metrics have the same value and some, when you analyze them separately, do not even provide you with truly useful data. Making a statistical measurement is not just a matter of looking at numbers. It is about relating, comparing and drawing conclusions. To do this, the ideal is that you take into account some general metrics.

The number of followers and their evolution

Analytics tools for your social networks are especially useful for monitoring the evolution of your online community. You can get an idea of ​​how effective your strategy is by looking at the number of followers you have gained or lost in a given period of time.

The engagement of your content

In this way, a high number of followers does not always mean a good level of interaction with your content. Therefore, your number of followers and the level of their engagement are metrics that will hardly offer you information if they are not taken into account together.

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