Regular air conditioning repair and maintenance is essential for smooth and energy-efficient functioning of your system. Nobody would love it when their air con suddenly breaks down and demands to call for costly air conditioning repair service in London. It’s not surprising to experience when you ignore routine maintenance of the system. Unfortunately, when it happens in scorching heat weather conditions, it is a nightmare.

Every air con has a processor that functions as a pump. When you switch on the system, the processor produces cool air by pushing liquid coolant into the condensing coil. The moving piston in the motor of a compressor compresses the refrigerant gas. When the piston is not working optimally or breaks down, you need to call air conditioning repair London to fix the compressor. However, you can avoid such repairs by maintaining an AC compressor with expert assistance. Here are various ways to maintain an AC compressor. Have a look!

Effective Ways To Maintain AC Compressor

Wrap The Compressor

In London, the average winter months are more. Hence, you have to protect your compressor from the frosty weather. You can do this by wrapping your compressor. How? Take a clean cloth and wrap around. 

Things to remember – Ensure you disconnect the AC power supply when you are wrapping the compressor.

Remove All Obstructions

The major part of air conditioning system installation is outside where it is free to suck fresh air. But obstruction near the compressor will not let it function effectively. You need to remove the shrubs and branches to avoid overworking of the compressor motor. Delay in cleaning dirt and debris near the compressor can damage the motor. If the damage is severe, it will break down the air con system. The only option you will have is to call professionals in London for air conditioning installation before the maturity of a current system.

Things to remember – Ensure two feet clearance of dust particles and debris behind the air con unit.

Prevent Compressor From Overheating

You need to engage high pressure to prevent the compressor from overheating. Always keep the high compressor switched on, especially if you live in the place where the Mercury is high in summer. In summer, the air con unit is exposed to extremely hot sun, thus it leads to overheating of your compressor.

Regularly Clean The Air Filter

If the air filter of the air conditioning system are clean, you can prevent overheating of the compressor. The compressor in the outdoors will breathe air and pull in dust, debris, and other contaminants. It will finally enter air filters, which makes it dirty. When you fail to clean air filters regularly, the compressor has to work harder. Eventually, your air con system will break down in the scorching heat. It’s a challenging deal with a broken system. So, to beat heat comfortably, you need to call air conditioning installation  London to replace the system before maturity.

Cleaning the air filter is quite simple. Just remove it from the system, and clean all dust, debris, and other contaminants. Use a soft brush and pressurized water hose to remove all the dust, debris, and air contaminants.

Things to remember – Ensure your air filters are dried before attaching them back in the air con system

Never Miss Cleaning Of Condenser Coil

After every two weeks, you need to clean the condenser coil. When your condenser coil are clean, the compressor will work efficiently while keeping your room cool.  Never miss to check the coil to locate any leakage beforehand. Thus, it is advisable to clean the air con system regularly. 

Things to remember – Blow away all the dust, debris, and other contaminants stuck inside and outside your air conditioning unit.

You can keep yourself away from the difficulties by taking care of your air conditioning system and maintaining it with the assistance of professionals. Now, you are in the right way to take care of air cons. Hire pros to maintain the air conditioning unit regularly. An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular cleaning and replacement. Neglecting any of the above ways to  clean and maintain the air con system, you will  ensure a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use will increase suddenly. So, hire professionals to avoid premature air conditioning installation in London.

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