Fix outlook errors, MS Outlook is one of the most secure email clients. It is provided to the users with many features with easy updates. Microsoft Outlook is highly popular due to its advanced security and advanced features. The user can easily send or receive emails at the same time.

However, users face the problems that get errors and pop up which means fix outlook errors, Microsoft outlook not responding. It happens because many third-party applications are integrated with your email clients. But, the question arises that how we can fix Outlook not responding error.

Before going on the solutions. We need to know all the causes of this issue.

Why Outlook not Responding

There are some reasons for Outlook not responding constantly. If you want to overcome the issues firstly you need to know about the reasons:

  • If the mailboxes size is too large then it does not handle your instructions properly.
  • The latest updates can create an issue with the runtime environment.
  • Your existing installed antivirus software is outdated, or it can conflict with Outlook.
  • If another program conflicts with Outlook at the same time.

We discussed the reasons for Outlook not responding again and again.  Now, we are going to explain how to resolve these problems.

What if Outlook is not responding?

There are many reasons for Outlook not responding error. We are going to discuss all methods in the next portion. You need to follow the methods step-by-step.

Methods to fix outlook not responding error

Method 1: Shutdown the Process Outlook exe

If the user operates more than one process at Outlook and Outlook not connecting to the server. Then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Do right-click on the taskbar to open the Windows Task Manager.
  2. You can also choose this way to do this by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  3. Choose the start task manager.
  4. Then, Shift to the Processes menu.
  5. Tap on the OUTLOOK.EXE to select it.
  6. Finally, click the button labelled end process.

Methods 2: Launch MS Outlook not Responding in Safe Mode

Another method that is very helpful in resolve to Outlook not responding in safe mode. Outlook starts without any customization files. You need to follow all the steps in the same sequence to fix Outlook not responding error.

  1. Go to the command section and enter the outlook.exe/safe.
  2. You can also do the first step by clicking on Outlook’s icon while holding down the Ctrl key.
  3. To confirm the start of the Outlook software in the Safe mode, press the Yes button.
  4. This issue was connected with the add-ins if the above-mentioned method fixes your problem.

Methods 3: Turn-off the Add-ins in Outlook

If you are successful in opening Outlook in safe mode, you need to try disabling the add-ins that you have installed in Outlook individually. If you want to fix outlook not responding error the very first time.

Methods 4: Shutdown all opened Applications and Programs

A number of resources are required by Outlook as it is a very useful software program. If the system does not have enough memory available for Outlook to perform the tasks. Then, some of its functions show the error message ‘Outlook Not Responding’. Therefore, you need to shut down all unnecessary programs and applications.

These are all methods to fix outlook not responding error. All methods are very helpful but they have also some drawbacks. You need to have some technical knowledge to better implement. You cannot repair a frozen Outlook program with a lack of expertise. If you are lacking in technical knowledge. So, you can follow the next action, I will suggest the safest and secure way to fix outlook not responding error.

Final words

In this article, we will discuss all possible methods to fix outlook errors. But, all methods have some drawbacks then every user cannot implement the complicated methods. I will suggest one of the best detailed informative blogs that provide every Outlook error solution in just a few steps. If you read this full article then you can easily fix Outlook not responding error.

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