If you have a toddler at home you might know what it is to deal with them, with just learning to take those first steps from beginning to talk and ultimately becoming the attention seeker and ever-demanding little one, they are a bundle of energy and it is time they are given the space to materialize that energy. With a child being born, a kid’s room is planned by most of the parents with the bare minimum necessary items included. A kid’s toddler room may have a crib, some soft toys, and maybe a small closet for their clothes but as they turn a year and are in the toddler phase, that simple toddler room definitely requires some makeover to address their new requirements and needs. However, it is recommended that do not overdo it and always stick with the necessities. Let’s now have a look at what changes you can adopt for your toddler’s room.

Bed: It’s time that they shift from that guarded crib to a baby bed. Invest in a baby bed that will be occupied by your child for at least the next six to seven years, in that way it will also be a sustainable purchase. What is of prime importance is that the bed is well protected and comfortable, besides make sure that the upholster comes with soft cushioning as your kid is still a toddler and can get hurt with hard or wooden headboards. If you are a parent of a toddler in Kenya, then look for Baby Beds in Kenya and you will be introduced to a lot of variety to choose from. Make your choice based on your child’s sleeping habits and activity levels. It is preferable to buy low beds to avoid injuries from falling from the bed or while climbing the bed. For twins, you can look for bunk beds, kids come to love bunk beds very much and it also provides a lot of safety.

Beddings: What comes next to a comfortable bed is the requirement of beddings, which would include mattresses, pillows, sheets, comforters, etc. Selecting a good quality mattress that would not be too soft or too hard will ensure that your child does not develop any orthopedic problems in the future, moreover before buying a pillow or side pillows look for options that use non-allergenic fillers as some kids are prone to allergies. Finally, for sheets and comforters look for breathable fabrics that are either cotton or satin, as they provide the best comfort. 

Closets and Cabinets: Closets are an important addition to any room and so in a toddler room too, it plays an important role. The closet will help you to arrange all the clothes for your child in a single place. Cabinets can help in storing extra sheets, toys, storybooks, color books, and colors and can help in keeping the room tidy and organized. Moreover, as your child grows you can guide your child towards arranging their things properly in the designated space. You can purchase Cabinets in Kenya through online sites.

Paints: Before even deciding on a color keep stick to the idea of painting with only a zero- VOC paint, keeping in mind the health of your kid. VOC or volatile organic compounds emit harmful gases because of the use of harsh chemicals and can affect a healthy human being. For colors, you can always go with your child’s choices, as toddlers can be also very decisive, and it’s just that time when they start developing their own choices so the color of their choice can make the room their favorite place to be. Or you can paint some lighter shades that would make the room appear spacious. 

Rugs: Rugs are a must for a toddler’s room, as they keep on falling and hurting themselves. So, investing in a comfortable and soft rug will ensure that your child is safe and the probability of getting hurt is lesser. However, regular dusting and cleaning of the rug are very important to keep your child healthy. The rug can also act as a playing area for the child. 

Windows: Windows are a must for kids’ rooms to let fresh air come in and will also serve the purpose of introducing the child to the world outside. They can wake up with the sunlight coming in and sleep with the moon and stars shining bright and they will come to love the sight from the window.

Round edge Furniture: Another important thing to keep in mind while designing a kid’s room is that be very selective of the furniture you include. The furniture should come with a smooth finish and should not have sharp edges. Always remember to go with round edges as sharp edges are accident-prone and your active child can end up getting injured.

To Wrap up:

As the basic idea of a toddler room is to give them more space so that their growing activities are not hampered so it remains important that you include things that are the most necessary and not clutter the room with many furniture or other unnecessary materials. Just look for Baby Beds in Kenya, and Cabinets in Kenya to begin with, and can add up something here and something there to give it a perfect look and make your toddler happy and satisfied plus ensure a healthy growing up. 

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