Comic books have been proven as one of the best laughter pills for all small generations. But did any one of you think about what are the techniques used by comic creators? Or how these books are being created. The comic creators have to convert their creative vision into a good quality comic book. 

If you want to learn or exhibit your comic skills then you should be aware of these techniques. You should have the proper skill, patience, and planning to create a comic and all these elements are joined together. So let’s start discussing these techniques one by one.

7 Simple Techniques To Create A Good Comic

Given below are the 7 simple techniques that can help you in creating and adding value to your comic. 

  • Search For An Idea: You should always start an idea whenever you make a comic. The idea should be unique, trending, and should match the requirement of the reader. Always keep a notebook and a pen to note down the idea, dialogue that came to your mind. 
  • Write Down The Script: Most of us make the mistake of start drawing comics before making a story. Story play an important role in comic otherwise it will be counted as useless. You should consider the following elements like character, theme, plot, and setting.
  • Create A Layout: Plan and create a layout after writing down the story. You should create a layout with an aim of keeping readers interest. There are many software to take help and one of the most commonly used software is Clip Studio Paint. Always leave a suspense at the end of every page so that reader should go on to the next page.
  • Draw The Comic: Now focus on drawing your comic and adjust all the elements where they can be best fitted. Take the help of the best tool available in the market. 
  • Choose A Best Comic Making Tool: There are many best tools available in the market that can help you in making comics. As per the latest reviews, it was found that Clip Studio Paint is one of the best software. It has two versions Clip Studio Paint Debut and Clip Studio Paint. You can also check the difference between Clip Studio Paint Debut Vs Pro to know which one is better. 
  • Start Inking And Coloring: Now it’s time to add color to your drawing to enhance its quality. If you use software then you will be offered many tools and brushes that can help you in coloring and inking. Use these tools as per your requirements.
  • Publish And Sell Your Comic: Congrats, you have created your self-made comic. Now start selling it by doing its marketing and you can also do its promotion by taking help of your family. Social Media Platform has been proven as the best platform for promoting comics. But both Pros and Cons of Clip Studio Paint helps the users while purchasing. This software is not Pocket-Friendly because it requires Tablet or some other software in which Clip Studio Paint can be downloaded. 

Common Mistake That Should Be Avoided While Making Comic Books

Most comic artists make some common mistakes that should be avoided while making comic books. Some of the common mistakes are given below.

  • Not Making A Good Story: The story that you have created should not be bad or irrelevant. You should always think according to a reader’s mind and then create a story. The story should have a good starting and a better ending. 
  • Adjust All The Elements At Their Place: The elements should be fitted at their place only. For eg: There is no adjustment of pages, the page that needs to appear at starting is coming at last. The pages should be adjusted according to the scenes.
  • Do Not Add To Much Dark Colors: You should avoid using too many dark colors as it can affect your comic book. If it necessary then only make use of such dark colors.
  • Take Proper Usage Of Text And Images: Your comic book should not include too much text as it will become boring for reader. It should include proper images with text included. There should be proper usage of both image and text. 
  • Add Fun To Your Comic Books: Comic books are designed to add smiles to readers’ faces. It should not be boring and there should suspense at the end of every page. If there will be suspense then only the user will move to the next page.  

Final Thoughts

Creating and selling your own comic books has become a trend nowadays. Comic Books is the best and easiest way to add a smile to someone’s face. If you want to create a comic book then, you should be aware of some valuable techniques. The given above techniques are used by big comic artists. You can also adapt these techniques and can enhance your comic-making skills. I hope that you get a complete overview of the techniques used by comic creators.               

By Anil kondla

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