Cooling solutions are essential for many businesses which deal with easily perishable items. Many such products need to be stored at a particular temperature over a period of time to keep their quality intact. In the popular industries of ice cream, preprepared meals, meat and fish, and fresh farm produce, it becomes crucial to have an efficient cooling procedure to maintain the quality and property of the produces. A  blast freezer is instrumental in rapidly bringing down the products’ temperature to prevent bacteria growth. 

Similarly, there are cool rooms that offer practical storage solutions in the food and medical industry. Many medicines and food items need to be kept at subzero temperatures as there are chances that these products may deteriorate in quality. Both blast freezers and cool rooms are highly essential tools in the food and medicine industry and need to be customized according to the demand of the business and the product. Although apparently, both these cooling tools may seem similar in functionality and mechanism, they do have some major differences in the structure, mechanism, functionality, uses, and benefits. 

Blast Freezer: Mechanism, Functionality, and Uses

A blast freezer helps in cooling down its content quickly by rapidly bringing down the temperature. The “flash freezing” technique helps in bringing down the temperature and prevents the growth of bacteria. The temperature in a blast freezer ranges from minus 28 degrees to minus 40 degrees and so the ice crystals formed are comparatively smaller in size and cause less damage to the products stored. 

This temperature also helps in keeping the freshness and nutritional value of the product intact. The blast freezers work by freezing the food products rapidly so that the water molecule present in the food does not get a chance to damage the food. When food is taken out of the blast freezers the ice crystals defrost and the cell structure of the food is preserved and there are no severe alterations in the constitution of the product. 

The commercial applications of Blast Freezers are as follows:

  • Commercial kitchens and big restaurants use these freezers as storage units to store raw food stocks. Pre-prepared meals are also stored in these blast chillers, given the food needs to be served in a short time. 
  • Confectionaries also use these food chillers to store cakes, pastries, and other desserts that require cooling before serving.
  • Blast freezers are widely used in the fish and meat industry to store raw products and prevent bacterial growth in them. To maintain the supply chain and to deliver in long-distance places, these perishable items need to be frozen to prevent them from decaying.
  • Milk and milk products also require an effective cooling solution to keep them from damage and so these freezers are also highly used in the dairy industry. The milk products can be stored in bulk and the quality can be preserved with the use of these freezers.
  • The blast freezer is also used in the medical industry to store vaccines with active ingredients that need to be stored at a particular temperature until it is used. 

Cool Rooms: Mechanism, Functionality, and Uses

A cool room is designed to store products in subzero temperatures that can lengthen the lifespan of the product. It is a large insulated room with a cooling refrigerator and a door that keep the warm air outside and the cold air inside. The temperature of the cool room is usually between minus 18 degrees to minus 25 degrees. The cool rooms for sale are used for storing frozen food products like frozen meat, frozen seafood, frozen chicken, frozen beef, etc. 

Some commercial applications of cool rooms:

  • In wineries, the cool room is used to store alcoholic beverages for serving them at the right temperature. 
  • In restaurants, the cool rooms are used as preparation units or stations which are used to keep the food fresh until the cooking procedure begins. 
  • Florists also use the cool rooms to store arranged bouquet consignments. The temperature and storage unit helps in keeping the flowers fresh. The cool rooms of the florists are usually glass made that also serve the purpose of display and also can be used to store fresh stocks of flowers and plants. 

The application difference between blast freezer and cool rooms:

The food service industry usually required both these types of coolers or freezers for food storage needs. However, the difference in application lies in the fact that what food they are storing and for how long.

Usually, the foods that will be used anytime soon are stored in the cool rooms, whereas the food items or other things that need to be stored for a longer period should be stirred in a blast freezer. Besides, a blast freezer helps in bringing down the temperature rapidly, which the cool rooms are unable to do.

Bottom Line

Cooling solutions are one of the most relevant in the food and medical industry as they need to deal with many perishable items. The businesses involved in this industry highly require these freezing solutions and so cool rooms for sale or blast freezers are in high demand. In short, this is the most important inclusion in the food and medical industry. However, if you are planning to include either one of the two freezers then first consider your requirement and then book the one that meets your need. 

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