Businesses that thrive under the wrath of time and have proliferated are the ones with strong foundations and strategies that have adopted innovative methods and newer technologies to make impressive overseas progress. From embracing the latest technology to making their professional presence felt in the industry, the growth of these companies proves how innovative and specific business solutions can help in the growth and establishment of a business. However, in this post, we are going to concentrate on two important business solutions, the POS system and Edg in Singapore, that are instrumental in bringing efficient business solutions for businesses in Singapore.

Enterprise Development Grant:

The enterprise development grant or EDG helps the companies in Singapore to grow and transform into successful enterprises. The grant offers support to upgrade business, build innovative ideas, and proffer the business overseas. However, the grant is considered under three pillars-

  • Core capabilities: The projects considered under core capabilities provide help to businesses for growth and transformation by offering assistance in strengthening the business foundation. The core capabilities support beyond the general functioning of sales and accounting in a business. 
  • Innovation and Productivity: The projects classified under innovation and productivity are the ones that explore new areas of growth and enhance their efficiency. By signing up for the grant, one can undergo reviewing and redesigning of the workflow and the processes. Businesses can also utilize technologies and automation for making the usual task sustainable and efficient.
  • Market Access: This project offers help to businesses and companies that are planning to venture overseas and make their global presence. 

When the eligibility for the enterprise development grant is concerned then certain requirements need to be met to qualify. These criteria are as follows:

  • The business should be an entity that is registered and operating in Singapore.
  • The business or company is in a financially feasible position to begin and complete a project.
  • The company or business has a local shareholding of at least 30%.

For small and medium-sized enterprises the Enterprise Development Grants provide around 70% of the qualifying fund, however, for non-SMEs the fund percentage is around 50%. A business or a company can apply for the Enterprise Development Grants through the Business Grants Portal. The Edg in Singapore has been a path-breaking initiative to support and finance small and medium enterprises and help them in growth and development. 

POS Systems

When SMEs are concerned in Singapore, then apart from the financial and structural support, technological assistance also plays a major role. With newer technology being introduced to the industry, businesses can depend on them for ease and convenience. As already discussed, we will be looking at the important role that the Pos system in Singapore is playing to promote sales and growth of businesses. 

When taking care of a business in the 21st century one should be aware of the contemporary systems and technologies that can be of great help in the smooth and successful development of the business. A point-of-sale system helps to speed up the transactions and maintain an accurate record of the sales. The POS system enhances the business and promotes growth. There are certain inherent benefits which can help in improving businesses. 

  • Most latest POS systems are designed to be accessible from any possible device. Effortless accessibility helps in getting accurate data without any major inconvenience and makes the retail environment streamlined. 
  • With the inclusion of POS systems, businesses can take control of the product price and quantity along with providing seasonal discounts and lucrative offers to lure customers. The POS system can help create a database of loyal customers and help businesses in making a loyal customer base for whom they can create a loyalty points strategy and offer exclusive redemption choices.
  • With the use of point-of-sale systems, businesses can promote multiple payment methods that provide satisfaction and convenience to customers. For any business to flourish the customers play a major part and when customer-friendly technologies are involved, the chances for development are greater.
  • The POS systems are also instrumental to support barcode scanning that helps in fast, accurate and errorless data capturing. Through the use of technology, the chances of error and the inconvenience of manual clerical can be reduced efficiently.
  • Categorization and outlet stock records are essential in businesses. Through the use of POS systems businesses can eliminate the chances of error through manual recording for stock processing. With the help of these systems, businesses can also divide the selling products into different categories for ease of locating and stocking up. Since the POS systems record the accurate details of sales, there are lesser or no chances of miscalculation. 
  • And the most convenient benefit of these POS systems is that the data can be easily exported from them. Whether you need the bulk sales data or the product data, you can easily export all of it at any point in time. 

Final Word

If you are an SME in Singapore, these two business solutions can be of great help to your business. Since financial assistance and technical manoeuvring are two key requirements in a business in the contemporary era, these two solutions can offer you the help to develop efficiently. Apply for the Enterprise Development Grant and see your business flourish with the funding assistance and with the inclusion of the Pos system in Singapore, you can diligently handle your business. 

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