PDF, also known as Portable Document Format which is broadly used to store and display documents electronically.  It is an open-source and platform-independent format that is commonly used among any individual, business, or enterprise. Its multidimensional features attract the users to easily view and share documents, images, audio, video, web pages, e.t.c.

Images on PDF can be customized to edit, share and print by the users. However, it deals with certain limitations when it comes to compressing the image file. Images can lose the vibrant colors and details after compression and thus the images lose their quality. At that time, PNG works very well for the standard image result. 

PNG is an image file format and is also known as Portable Network Graphics. It supports high-quality compression and is also known as a raster graphic format.  Users will not lose the standard of the image during editing and get high-quality images when save PDF as PNG. In this blog, we will discuss how we can export PDF to PNG files on Mac. But before continuing to the method to convert PDF as PNG, let’s consider the causes behind the conversion.

Reasons to Convert PDF File into PNG

As we know that PDF  loses some quality of the image in terms of its color combination and details. While in the other hand, PNG presents the image with its original quality as it was before editing and compression. We can easily work with highly detailed images to edit, compress and share without losing the original standard. Save PDF as PNG is not a big deal for the users who prefer high-resolution image formats.

Let’s elucidate some reasons to turn PDF into PNG on Mac,

  • Users don’t have to deal with image details, they get the best image quality result after editing.
  • It is unable to open PDF images on various browsers online while PNG is compatible on almost all platforms.
  • Sharing an image on social networks can’t be done in PDF format, they can use PNG for the finest image result.
  • PNG carries high transparency that results in effortlessly put designs and layout as compared to PDF.
  • Export PDF to PNG allows the user to reduce file size to smaller by maintaining the image quality.

Above we have explained the various factors that helped users to understand the importance of PNG over PDF. Here in the next section, we will explain the method to convert PDF files into PNG on Mac.

Standard Approach to Save PDF as PNG on Mac

There are various solutions available online that may transfer PDF files to PNG. But the available methods are not secure to deal with the valuable PDF files. Here we will clarify the best possible approach that users can adopt to convert PDF to PNG Mac. 

Preview is an inbuilt PDF viewer application on all Mac systems. It has a smart feature to view and edit PDF files on Mac OS. Mac default Preview application has the ability to save the PDF files as PNG offline.

Now, follow the given steps to save PDF as PNG using Preview.

  • Firstly, open the Preview app from the application folder on Mac.
  • Select the PDF file from the desktop or where it is saved to convert.
  • Now, the selected PDF file will be open.
  • After that, click on File from the menu and select the Export option.
  • Select PNG as a format from the menu.
  • Press the save button to turn PDF into PNG file on Mac.

From the above-discussed steps, hope you got how to save PDF as PNG Mac using preview? However, with this manual process, they can save only one PDF file as PNG at a time. Then it is not said to be the best and optimum solution. So let’s discuss some of the limitations of the given method that users always face.

Limitations of Manual Approach to Store PDF as PNG

Even though Preview helps to save the desired PDF file in PNG format, but not considered the best approach. It does not seem to be an optimum solution because users face many complications when convert PDF to PNG Mac. Some of the major issues of the DIY method have been illustrated below.

  • Users can export only one PDF file into PNG at a single time.
  • It becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process when users have to save multiple PDF files as PNG.
  • It may lead to a loss of quality of the particular image.
  • Does not allow the users to set  Pixel, Resolution & Image Quality while saving as PNG.
  • Users can not provide a custom folder name for the resultant file.

It becomes much more complicated to deal with while saving a bulk amount of PDFs as PNG with manual technique. To extract such difficulty most of the users switch with an automated solution. An advanced PDF Converter Tool for Mac is always recommended by many professionals to export PDF to PNG on Mac. Users can easily save their multiple PDF files into PNG with this professional approach. It is the most suitable option that users can opt for saving time and reducing complexity.


In the article, we talked about PDF and PNG files and also explored various reasons to Save PDF as PNG. Including this, we have also discussed the manual process and the limitations that many users face. To eliminate such hindrances they are suggested to switch with an automated and professional solution. It results to saves lots of time and labor by making the process easy and smooth.

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