Optimizely, formerly known as Episerver is a leading digital experimentation platform designed to help developers run A/B testing on websites. These A/B tests are an excellent way to gather user experience data which allows developers to optimise a website and improve conversion rates as a result. 

What are the benefits of Optimizely

Optimizely is an extremely useful and popular platform that can benefit your business by providing it with all the tools necessary to implement an effective customer focused digital strategy. Some of the benefits include:

  • Advanced personalisation
  • Effective A/B testing allowing you to provide an excellent UX
  • Cost effective- will give you a good return on investment
  • Improve conversion rates

Optimizely plans 

There are a variety of plans available on Optimizely that you can choose from. Each plan is tailored to suit specific needs. 

  1. Welcome plan

You can try out this plan for free, it allows you to manage tasks, work and campaigns as well as content across teams. This plan is designed to create seamless collaboration with an integrated calendar to track timelines and easy commenting to avoid bottlenecks. 

  1. Content management

This plan is designed to help you create compelling content experiences. With the help of Optimizely, your editors will be empowered to compose great experiences. 

  1. A/B testing

Another plan available is the web A/B testing where you can experiment everywhere and personalise every touchpoint. You can run as many types of tests as you need to with predictive audiences and reliable statistics. 

  1. Feature management

Remotely manage and experiment on features server-side in your apps. This plan offers advanced audience targeting and cached data files to ensure your app runs quickly and effectively. 

  1. Commerce

This plan allows you to run multiple shops, inventory and an online or offline catalogue. It uses visitor targeting to give you the best results and can be made multi-lingual so you can expand into markets all over the world. 

Which companies use Optimizely

Don’t just take our word for it when we say Optimizely is an excellent platform, this is supported by the fact that some of the world’s biggest brands use it too. Including:

  • Ebay
  • Pizza Hut
  • FjallRaven
  • Visa
  • Absolut.
  • Sky

What is an Optimizely partner?

An Optimizely Partner is an tech or solution company who meets a set of competency requirements such as new sales revenue and developer certifications. These leading digital partner agencies offer customers an advantage in transforming the digital customer experience due to their knowledge and experience of the platform.

The UK’s first Optimizely Partner is Ultimedia Agency, a leading team composed of world class designers, developers and digital marketers who all specialise in Optimizely. 

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