Center channel speakers are a crucial part of home theater systems. They take care of making you hear the dialogues of movies and TV shows so that you can enjoy a cinematic experience at home. We offer different models depending on the size of your room and the depth, clarity and detail you want to hear.

Classic center speakers for the home

Have you decided to install a surround sound system in your home? Have you considered buying high-end center speakers?

center channel speakers

Whether you have it or not, we’re here to help. If you have a surround sound stereo system in your home, you should add a center channel speaker. If you really want to enjoy and use technology, these speakers are essential. You won’t enjoy a movie if your speakers can’t reproduce the dialogue properly. Is not it?

Well, the best center speakers reproduce dialogue and other sounds from movie scenes. The best center channel speaker provide an excellent surround sound experience. They disappear in the cinema scenes, as in the theater.

defintive center channel speaker

Why do you need center speakers?

Many people think center channel speakers are unnecessary and build a surround sound system without them. However, these speakers reproduce even harmless and dark sounds for an enriching experience. If you do not use the center channel speaker as the main speaker, this noise will go unnoticed or important dialogue and noise will be wasted.

jbl center channel speakers

Position your center speaker correctly

Proper placement of your center speaker is an important factor that greatly affects sound quality. When sound waves cross before reaching the listener, they create the love effect of sound.

The different frequencies of the different speakers overlap and the tone of the original sound is lost. Because of this, it is important to choose the size of the center channel speaker according to the size of the room. The larger the room, the larger the listening area should be. Therefore, you should opt for the larger center channel speaker.

pioneer center channel speaker

You should place the center channel speaker below or above your television system, but still at listener’s ear level. This may mean tilting the speaker up or down. If you are using a projector with an acoustically transparent screen, you can place the center channel speaker behind it.

How to choose the best center speakers?

Now that you know how important top center speakers are to your sound system, let’s take a look at some of their features and specifications.


The first thing to do is to assess the compatibility of your center speaker with other speakers. It contributes to a smooth sound flow and the speakers together create seamless sounds.


There are many designs, shapes and styles of center channel speakers on the market today. You want to choose a speaker that goes well with other speakers and interiors. However, the speaker hardware can make a big difference. For example, silk tweeters produce a smooth sound. You can also buy in-ceiling center channel speakers.

Setup Ratio:

Speaker setup ratios range from 3:1 to 7:1. The first number is the number of speakers in the surround system, the second – the number of subwoofers.


Center channel speakers work best when placed below or above the TV screen. You can choose center channel speakers that look like soundbars. Large speakers create a louder sound experience. However, the size of the room and the availability of space for speakers is a critical factor.


The higher the sensitivity, the louder the speaker. Even with the same power, speakers with higher sensitivity produce bigger sounds.

Bi-Wire Capability:

Bi-Wire capability is the latest feature found in most speakers. These speakers come with two sets of connectors on the rear panel. One is for high frequency drivers and the other is for low frequency drivers. So the woofer and tweeter currents run on different cables, producing clear sound with great treble and bass in between.

What Are The Best Center Channel Speakers?

Since your budgets and needs vary wildly from person to person, the best center channel speaker is no one-size-fits-all deal. However, these seven models listed below will suit a variety of homes:

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