Two words that most commonly describe many modern jobs are sedentary and digital. Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle has detrimental effects on our overall health. Experts even refer to it as the new smoking. If you do a sedentary job, you must try to neutralise its adverse effects on your health. You can do that with the tips we have prepared for you in this blog post. We must be proactive so that our sedentary jobs won’t cause us problems regarding our health.

Some plausible ways to improve your life if you do a sedentary job include planning and being physically active. Also, you must focus on eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. Moreover, you should take regular breaks while working and consciously take longer routes. Additionally, when you have meetings, make them walking meetings. Lastly, as you spend around one-third of your day sitting at a desk, you should invest in a quality ergonomic chair. 

  1. Plan ahead

Planning is crucial for all of us who do a sedentary job and want to live healthier. Living such a lifestyle is beneficial in the long run, and you will instantly feel its benefits as well as later on in life as you grow older. For example, if you go to work every day, you need to think about your daily meals. The best way to go is to prepare nutritious meals the day before. You can also order some fit meals as well. What you should avoid at all costs is fast food and sugar. Your diet should be rich in proteins, fibre, minerals and vitamins. You should eat a varied diet that includes meat, fish, dairy, fruits, cereals, veggies and nuts. Another thing you could plan for to make your day more optimal is packing your gym bag the night before. 

  1. Be physically active

Being physically active is essential to whatever job you do. It is imperative if you do a sedentary job. So, set a few days a week to engage in physical activity. It can be anything you enjoy doing. It must be something you genuinely enjoy, making it sustainable in the long run. If you opt for something you don’t enjoy, you are likelier to quit when you have a bad day. Some people enjoy swimming, and going to a local fitness studio, while others enjoy cycling, jogging or taking brisk walks. There are many other options as well. This is a great way to combat the sedentary lifestyle; being active has many health benefits. One of the major ones is that it prevents heart and cardiovascular diseases. 

  1. Focus on eating well

Diet is an integral part of our lives. It is quintessential for our health. You need to pay attention to whatever job you do, mainly if you do a sedentary job. Your diet should be well-balanced and rich in nutrients. You should have meals regularly and avoid skipping them (which often happens when we are crammed with work). You should eat diverse food and try to eat organic food. Organic fruits, veggies, and eggs are the healthiest choice for you as they don’t use pesticides or other chemicals in the form of fertilisers or food. 

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water intake is also crucial for our overall health. We need to hydrate ourselves from the inside out. If you forget to drink water, you can place a bottle of water next to you on your desk. In that way, when it’s at your sight, you remember more frequently to drink it. This is a great way to fulfil our daily need for at least 2 litres of water. You can also use an app with a reminder to remind you every half an hour to drink water. We are more awake when we drink water, more focused, and our skin looks radiant. 

  1. Take breaks while working

Taking breaks every half an hour to an hour is vital when doing a sedentary job. These don’t have to be long breaks. It is enough just to get up and talk, walk, stretch or do a few simple exercises or physical movements. This means a lot for our physical health. If you work from home and have a yard, you take a short walk in your yard. Along the way, you reap the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and being surrounded by nature. If you work at an office and have a balcony, take some fresh air and your daily dose of vitamin D. You can also take a short walk in the nearby park.

  1. Intentionally take longer routes

When going home from work or when running errands, avoid taking shortcuts. Instead, always take the longer route to be more physically engaged. Also, what you can do is avoid taking the elevator and instead take the stairs. Even though these seem minimal and unimportant, they are crucial for long-term positive effects. Moreover, if you need a few items from the local shop or market, take a walk instead of taking your car and driving there. It is also a great way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to your kids. 

  1. Have walking meetings

Perhaps you have heard of walking meetings, but if you haven’t, we’ll clarify. As you can conclude, walking meetings refer to meetings during which you walk instead of sitting. And they are great for our health. So, you’re doing two things at the same time: having a meeting and walking. Sometimes, meetings can last an hour or two, so this is a great way to use that time to be active in the best way possible. 

  1. Invest in your chair

As you spend about a third of your day working and sitting at your desk, having a comfortable chair is quintessential. Invest in a quality, ergonomic chair, and your back will thank you. It is one of the sure ways to save your health. 

Being aware that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for us is a great start when making these much-needed changes to our lifestyle. When incorporating new habits in your lifestyle, you must do it one at a time to give yourself enough time to adjust. 

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