Technologies and the solutions developed out of them are always based on upgrading the businesses. In fact, technology is the facet of every business that involves digital means of payments, bookings, etc. From the heading, you can infer that the content will be about the supersizing growth of delivery business growth apps and how technology chips in to enhance these delivery apps.

So, in delivery businesses, punctuality is the core element. In order to deliver the orders punctually to your customers, you need to get help from certain features like route optimizer, real-time location tracker, etc. Other than this, you must make your customers feel satisfied with your delivery process. So, overall, the use of certain real-time features can surface up the effectiveness of your delivery business. Let us see them in detail.

1. A route planner is important

Planning the route ahead will be effective in delivering the orders without a shred of any mishaps. So, here, technology and its brainchild route optimizer come into action. The delivery agent can get the actual report regarding the traffic information, road condition, shortcuts and alternative routes.

After gathering this information, the delivery agent can choose the most suitable route and proceed with the delivery on time.

2. Location tracker and its effectiveness

A location tracker, in general, will be of the greatest benefit for customers as it lets them track the delivery agent’s location precisely. As an admin, you can know the delivery agent’s location and map other orders so that they can carry out them on their way.

Hence, you can save time to a larger extent and minimize the operational cost. Likewise, the delivery agent will be able to precisely spot the location of the customers using the real-time location tracker of the app.

3. Flexibility in the form of planned delivery

In a traditional delivery business, there will be times, when the customer will not be available at home while delivering the order. So, the delivery agent must once again repeat the delivery when the customer is available. Such uncertainties will never be the case in the online delivery business as the planned delivery feature will be employed.

In the planned delivery, the customer will be asked for a suitable delivery time so that they will not miss the delivery. And of course, the delivery agent can finish his/her task without any obstacles. So, the planned delivery feature is beneficial for the customers and the delivery agent as well.

4. Easy to manage the overall delivery business

One thing that will never bounce back in this digital age is the paperwork involved in a business. Gone are the days, when business operations were purely relying on paperwork. With the introduction of smart management tools, business proceedings can be carried out efficiently.

Of all the other smart management tools, the admin dashboard is the one that is not to be missed out on. The admin dashboard provides a quick overview regarding the business proceedings like the exact location of the delivery agent, overall orders arrived on a day, the number of orders processed at the moment, and much more.

5. Technology and the customer experience

The infusion of smart features like location tracker, planned delivery option, etc., enhances the customer experience. So, the choice of the technological stack is more important. Overall, all these points are curated to give you an understanding of the usage of different technologies.

What are the series of steps needed to launch an on-demand delivery app?

  • Analyze your potential customers

When it comes to your delivery business, the choices of your customers will take the front seat. Throw light on the choices and expectations of your customers and that is the only way you can bring your business into shape. There are some proven ways for understanding the customer’s needs and they are online polls, surveys and direct interviews.

  • Know the dominating players

Getting to know the dominating players in your target area is your biggest strength. The number of players and the type of delivery services they offer should be taken into consideration. Since this is a delivery business, you must also analyse the business model your competitors follow. Some may adopt single delivery while others may adopt multiple delivery services.

  • Business model

The multiple delivery business model is the top trend. Some of the famous providers of the multi-delivery business model are Gojek, Postmates, and Grab. If you wish to enter the multi-delivery business model, then you need a multi-niche delivery app solution. And not to leave, the scope of this business model is huge so make use of it.

  • Unique value proposition

One thing that will highlight your business and fetch more users is the unique value proposition. In delivery businesses, timing is important and we are aware of it. So, you can try to provide faster deliveries and charge substantial delivery charges. Some delivery apps deliver the orders in under 15 minutes, which is considered the best time frame for delivery to date.

White-label delivery app development and the perks associated with it

A ready-made delivery app solution coupled with white-labelling has multiple benefits for you. You don’t have to bother much on rebranding the app as the app will be white-labelled immediately after the completion of testing.

Similarly, the ready-made apps are bound to modifications and you can make additional changes if required. 

The revenue channels possible in the delivery businesses

  • Commission charges will be a dominating source of revenue. Convincing local service providers and partnering with them may be a bit challenging. But once you achieve it, you can earn more commission.
  • Delivery charges are unavoidable. You can fix a standard rate above which orders will be delivered for free. Mostly, companies have subscription-based packages that will cover unlimited deliveries for free of cost.
  • And finally, advertisement charges are one of the revenue channels.

Summing up

I hope that this narrative writing on launching on-demand delivery apps will be thoroughly helpful for you to start your business. Never fail to have an eye for the latest trends that keep evolving in the marketplace.

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