Texting has changed the way in which we communicate. This is true both for personal communications and business communications. Statistics state that 95% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received and that short text messages are opened at least 98% of the time. Compared to email, that’s outstanding, as the open rate for email is about 22%. This means that the way people have accessed matters just as much as what you’re saying. Using SMS comes with a lot of advantages, and there are plenty of reasons why you’d switch to automated SMS, here are six of them:

1. High Open Rate

As discussed before, the open rate of text messages is higher than nearly every other form of communication. The convenience of SMS means that more people are willing to interact with them. Text messaging is becoming more accepted and preferred, especially for communication with a business or service. Because SMS has a 98% open rate, you’re allowing yourself to have the best chance to even reach customers, easily and without disruption. It’s also worth noting that 82% of people state that they read every text message they receive. This adds a lot of engagement, even just as an initial touch point.

2. Most People Are Willing To Receive SMS

We know more now than we did years ago. This is true for just about every aspect of our daily lives, including mental illness and general anxiety information. A lot of people have anxiety issues when it comes to accepting phone calls, but they don’t have this issue with receiving text messages. In fact, according to some studies, 14% of people easily will consent to receive SMS from brands for no reason. 

If you attach an added bonus, such as a coupon, a gift, or similar, the rate of acceptance grows to 57%. While those numbers aren’t out of this world, they’re better than you’d imagine. You’ll also be able to reach people without disrupting their daily lives or coming off as too desperate. Because people are receptive to SMS, it’s always a good idea to utilize an automated service.

3. You’ll Waste No Time

Time is money, and wasting time is never preferred when it comes to running a successful business. When you’re trying to reach a lot of people at once, SMS is the way to go. This becomes even better when you use something like a programmable SMS API. This type of program will handle the time-consuming business task for you, sending mass texts out with ease. 

Doing so boosts your chances of customer engagement and sales, while also saving you time and stress. By using a program like this, you’ll find that not only does SMS work, but by using such a set-up, you’ll save manpower, time, and even money. Using SMS is smart, but using a programmable API is even smarter.

4. It’s Unsaturated As A Marketing Tactic

In the world we live in, advertisements and marketing are everywhere you go. This makes sense of course and is often a necessary evil. The average person is ransacked with 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day. That’s a lot of advertisements, and there’s no way that a person is remembering all of them. Ads are everywhere, from social media to the grocery store and even your doctor’s office. 

They’re impossible to avoid and as a result, they’re becoming easier to ignore. However, a text message reaches out and grabs the attention of a customer, especially since this style of marketing has yet to become saturated. Consequently, the customer is likely to see, and even read your message. They’re also able to revisit the ad since it’s via a message and not in passing like other forms.

5. Less Likely To Be Spam-Blocked

Nobody enjoys being swamped with spam, and because of this, more and more people are blocking spam emails and even calls. Research states that about 53% of emails are marked as spam. However, only 2.8% of SMS are marked as spam. This means that your message is easy to share and likely to be seen, escaping the spam block. This could in turn have a huge impact on user engagement for your business.

6. You’ll Avoid Blockers

As mentioned above, the average person is bombarded with thousands of advertisements per day. This is stressful and even annoying for most. Many people will install and utilize spam and ad blockers on their devices. This blocks the ads seen on websites, in emails, and elsewhere online. By using SMS, you’ll avoid the risk of your information being blocked by software. While your social media ad is easily blocked by software, a text message is less likely to fall prey to such blocker software, allowing your message to get through to your customer, and increasing your chances of customer engagement.

Closing Remark

Ads are everywhere, and as the way we interact and live changes, so do the way we consume advertising. It’s hard to stand out, as consumers take in more and more marketing and ads per day. SMS is an effective way to get your message seen by your customers, both old and new. This is especially true when you use an API to help send out these messages for you. You’ll not only save time, but you’ll save money as well. SMS marketing is smart, but using an API is even smarter. Get your message seen quickly, and with ease, you’d be surprised what SMS can do for you.

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