A salon app is extremely necessary for a salon brand to run smoothly. They help Salon owners with not only the automation of manual work but also with a lot of other benefits! If you own a salon business, the Salon apps can help you track customer transactions, produce cash flow statements, profit or loss reports. They even let you keep track and maintain an accurate record of your products and inventories, which is difficult to do manually.

If you have a large-sized beauty brand, monitoring your inventory manually may be puzzling and prone to errors. If you operate your business from multiple locations, it becomes more painful and messy. Salon application comes to your aid here with accurate inventory monitoring. It even updates product information regularly so that you are notified beforehand about expiry dates. They help in better strategy-making through automated generation of cash flow reports, based on data collected. You can even network with other salon professionals while managing your own business, all through one app! Amazing, isn’t it?

So if you run your own beauty business and have not installed an app yet, we do not know what you are even thinking. But we have got you covered. Read on to check out our topmost suggestions so that you can buy the best salon solution for your business!

How are Salon apps beneficial to Salon business?


This is the most highly recommended app for all salon business professionals. With its great features, Salonist no doubt stands out more than the rest. The online booking system of this software is so flexible that clients can book appointments, schedule them and even reschedule or cancel them! They can do this at any time according to their convenience.

Using this application, you can send reminders, confirmations about new offers or pending payments to customers pretty easily.  So, if you are operating the barbershop, massage centre, bridal salon, hair salon, aesthetic skin clinic and medical spa then Salonist is the name for you.  It allows your Salon business to leverage the opportunities. Termed as an all-in-one application, it can effectively manage your day to day activities.

It brings huge benefits to your Salon business. It will not only bring you more customers but also improve profit and multiply the bookings. Moreover, the same is true for brand value.

Rosy Salon App

This is an appointment booking app that works great for salon professionals. It is equally beneficial for large businesses and small ones. It even works excellently for an individual stylist.

Rosy Salon Application has many unique features, one of them being a double booking facility. It has a prompt cancellation system. You can access your schedule or create some changes in it from anywhere at any time. Even better, you can plan multiple appointments and see client transaction history.

You can also create personalised email or text reminders for your customers so that they do not miss their appointment. This feature can be used to remind your clients about ongoing offers or inform them about upcoming discounts on services. It is affordable, costing only $30.


Timely is a Salon app with a unique community feature. You can do anything from scheduling client appointments to managing payments, while also networking with an amazing community!

Timely stands out for its unique functionalities. Even better, it has paid packages specifically designed for both individual stylists and large businesses.


This is a very efficient and powerful software management app. It comes with exceptional features and is an all in one solution for software professionals.

With this salon software, you can do anything from booking and salon management to payment and payroll management pretty effortlessly. Vagaro even has a 1-month free trial after which you can opt for paid packages. They start from $25 for individual stylists ranging up to $85 for large businesses.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris is also an easy to use salon app with a hassle-free user interface. In fact, it is more than just a salon booking solution. It provides multiple features and functionalities which helps to ease business management for both individual stylists and established beauty brands.

It even has a 14-day free trial! After that, you can decide to opt for paid packages which start at $29 per month. For medium-sized Salon businesses and large beauty enterprises, prices range from $59 to $200 monthly.


Appointy is also a great choice for professionals in the beauty business and cosmetics industry. It not only provides an automated appointment booking system but also helps owners with a seamless payment tracking system. It is different in the sense that it has a booking system integrated with social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook pages.

The best part about Appointy is that it is absolutely free of cost for individual stylists! And prices for medium or even large businesses are very affordable and reasonably cheap. For small and medium businesses, paid packages are between $29—$49 per month. And for a large business, it is just $79 per month!


Another easy to use salon app with great features is Zenoti. This is specifically designed only for salons and spas although it can be used by anyone in the beauty and cosmetics industry. It has a wide user base spanning across 50 countries!

It provides an easy booking system, efficient appointment scheduling for customers and an inventory and resource management system. The system even provides a personalised interaction mechanism with customers through SMS or email. The best part about this app is that it offers free demo illustrations upon request!


If you have made it up to here, then we are sure that you now have all your doubts resolved. You not only know why you should buy a salon app but also which ones are the best! You are good to go now and can purchase the Salon app according to your convenience and business needs. Salon business management will no longer be a nightmare for you. It will be as easy as a cakewalk with the right salon app.

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