To ensure that every person on your VIP guest list is wowed and delighted to receive your beautiful personalised wedding invitations, it’s crucial that you kick it up a notch in terms of originality and style. Wedding invites that stand out from the crowd are far more likely to inspire and motivate a guest to respond promptly to your RSVP request, and to pencil in your special day in their diary or social calendar.

To help you elevate your design, here are 4 classy and creative invite ideas that celebrate your nuptials…

1. Romantic Elegance

The ultimate invitations, for a wedding that is traditional and formal, should evoke feel-good emotions. When a guest opens up the envelope of your wedding invite, you want them to feel a sense of excitement, elation and expectation. To achieve this with ease, consider maximising the romance and elegance of your invite design and style.

Embellish a timeless and simplistic wedding invite template with gorgeous floral borders that create a stunning frame around your carefully chosen wording. Botanical decorations are both chic and trendy, and perfect for adding subtle colour to a card that emphasises formality.

Choose a card made of the finest quality paper, in a neutral tone of white, cream or ivory, or opt for a pastel hue. Compliment the paper with raw edged detail, a swirly or loopy font, and foliage patterns that are elegant and beautifully flowy.

2. Modern & Minimalistic

Your personalised wedding invitations should ideally reflect your personalities (individually and as a couple), your personal style, plus your likes and interests. If a formal affair is just not for you, it’s cool to celebrate your wedding in a more modern and minimalistic manner. Your wedding invites should obviously be presented in a design that incorporates all of these aspects of your uniqueness.

To show off your originality, opt for invites that are printed on a solid colour background, that perfectly matches your wedding palette. You can let the text do all the work, on a modern card that is sleek, clean and dramatic. Keep the font classic and easy to read, to optimise the visual appeal.

If you prefer something a little more moody, choose dark or muted hues instead of the fabulous fashionable shades that are bang on-trend.

Another modern way that you can impress your wedding guests is by featuring a stunning photo of you and your partner on your invites. While many couples choose to include a stylish snap of their happy engagement on their save-the-dates, it’s not all that common to decorate wedding cards in this style. If your budget allows, it’s worth arranging a special pre-wedding photo shoot so that you can use your favourite romantic photo on the invites for your special day. Timeless black and white photos will ramp up the elegance factor, while colour can cleverly help to enhance your chosen wedding palette and theme.

3. Touchy-Feely Textured Elements

Just because you’re being conventional and tying the knot, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the tried and tested style of wedding invite. You’re not limited to paper, when it comes to announcing your intention to wed the One.

Wow your family and friends by sending them personalised invites that showcase non-paper textured elements and materials. Take inspiration from your wedding theme, and tweak your designs by adding touchy-feely fabric, wood or leather. Rough and raw edges, 3D cut-out, and embossing and foiling are additional interesting textures that you can add to take the style of your invites up a notch.

If your dream wedding is fairytale, opulent or decadent, be daring and dress up your wedding invitations with metallic gold accents. Rimming the edges of the cards with a finishing touch of glistening gold will certainly grab the attention of your guests. You can also make the most of the envelope liner and embellish it with an exotic or flamboyant design that features metallic shimmer and shine.

4. Hand-Painted & Artisan

If you’re not overly keen on minimalist and modern style, or textures, you could always create a wedding card that is artistically unique. One-of-a-kind designs that flaunt hand-painted detail are sure to create the impact that you’re hoping for. Your guests will also be impressed by invites that are stylish, fun and innovative.

You can feature hand-painted details as the backdrop to invitations that include an overlay text box, or show it off as an allover print. Do bar in mind, that it’s essential that all of the important wedding details are legible on the card.

Whether you’re getting hitched close to home or abroad, your wedding theme will provide all the inspiration that you need to come up with a wealth of creative ideas for hand-painted decoration. If you’re artistic, you could embrace your talents and illustrate or colour the invites yourself.

Alternatively, you can enlist professional help to bring your top-notch design ideas to life. It’s worth viewing a variety of artist portfolios before you commit to hiring. An experienced artist will work with you to create personalised wedding invitations that are stunning and unique. They may also make a few suggestions that take your original and beautiful design to another level.

And of course, if you’re totally stuck for inspiration, but you have your heart set on an artisan design for your invites, give the professional free reign to surprise you with something amazing.

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