It is no surprise that Stranger Things season 4 is still on the list of Netflix Top 10 TV shows, dominating in many countries. With two of its remaining episodes coming on July 1st, it will get much more popular. These days every other TV show is in Stranger Things’ shadow because after waiting for 3 years, the fourth season is live, and man, it has been so much more than what we expected. Most fans are looking for Netflix VPN to bypass geo-restrictions in their countries and easily stream the shows they love without any interruptions.

Watch Best Shows on Netflix

Many VPNs in the market can help you with that, as that is the best way to unblock the streaming services quite easily. Other than Stranger Things, many new shows released on Netflix are absolutely worth your time, including Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, All American, and Borgen. 

This list of the best shows on Netflix are made keeping in mind the most viewership each of them has. You can definitely have another opinion, and we respect that but these are the shows that we cannot stop recommending others to watch, simply because of how remarkable they have been.

Without any more waiting, let us get started!

The Best Shows on Netflix

1. Stranger Things

The actual drama commences when Joyce’s 12-year-old goes missing into thin air. In the search for the missing boy, Will, with the local authorities, there were many revelations that made fans stick their eyes to the screens. Unraveling the secretive government experiments, monsters living in Upside down, and of course, one very strange teenage girl with weird superpowers. Since then, the teenage Indiana kids fighting the monsters from other dimensions with a focus on likeable characters is what kept fans on their toes ever since the first season.

Moreover, the show is created to exist in the 80s, and the team has done an amazing job with that. Currently, its fourth season has made fans go wild, as yet two episodes are left that everyone awaits. You can use a trusted Netflix VPN if the show is unavailable in your country and enjoy the show. 

2. The Witcher

Watch Best Shows on Netflix

The adaptation of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and stories provides a wild adventure. The Witcher, played by the great Henry Cavill, has caught the eyes of fans all around the world. Monster hunter Geralt travels the land and fights monsters for money. The plot also revolves around the story of his past. The two parallel timelines concurrently playing gradually, explain how the past and the future are being connected.

3. Squid Game

Who remembers the fun games we used to play when we were little? Well, thanks to this Korean TV show, the memories most of us had of those games will now never be the same. The unexpected hit of this Squid Game revealed how originality could prevail. A group of people in dire need of money are stalked and later lured into the game, where they have to play for their lives. The games are not new, but one rule is, “If you lose, you die.” What is ironic is that the characters you might grow feelings for may or may not die.

4. The Haunting of Hill House

Is anyone here a fan of horror TV shows? Well, The Haunting of Hill House is not your typical horror piece of drama. This is Mike Flanagan’s take on the horror Novel of Shirley Jackson, where a family is forever haunted just by a single summer when they moved into the Hill House. What was interesting in the show was the perception of each character with the house. How it all came together in the end, clarifying to the viewers what was actually happening, was pretty impressive.

5. The Last Kingdom

The fifth and the last season of The Last Kingdom was based on the story of Uthred of Bebbanburg. He is a warrior born in a Saxon house but raised as a Dane. After the Vikings was aired, people kind of got the taste of their history, and The Last Kingdom did strike at the right time to bag up a good number of viewers. This show will fulfil  all your needs for bloody battles. 

6. Vikings: Valhalla

Watch Best Shows on Netflix

Yes, another Vikings TV show on the list is too good to be left out. The events taking place in this full of historical action drama are set after 100 years of the great era of Ragnar Lothbrok and Ivar The Boneless. This Vikings TV show starts off when the Vikings are killed in cold blood, and to avenge their death against the Christian King; the Vikings reform their armies in Kattegat. Well, this show is for you if you are still into bearded warriors and their stumbling faith over the old gods.

7. Money Heist

This hyper-energized TV show based in Spain is about the skilled robbers who are brought together by the mastermind and genius who calls himself Professor to steal more than two billion euros from the Royal Mint. There were no surprises at all when Money Heist was going places around the world. The ups and downs in the show with highly unexpected turns kept fans on their toes. Undoubtedly the tricks that the professor kept up in his sleeves made fans glued to their screens for hours.

8. The Umbrella Academy

A Netflix series that is based on a comic by Gerard Way revolves around the masked superheroes with superficial powers. They all grew up in a mansion hating their dad. Well, once you start watching it, you will find yourself being addicted. The relationship of siblings is what you will find to be different than typical. 


Netflix needs no introduction and has been appreciated by fans for making their weekends full of fun. Moreover, if Netflix is not accessible in your region, you can try a Netflix VPN to bypass the blocked content quite easily to stream without any kind of disturbance. There are many shows you can watch and relax. The ones that are mentioned above are our top picks and have good remarks by the fans worldwide.

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