We can all testify to the phrase “the first time is always the hardest.” There will always be this sense of trepidation when going into something new, especially when it comes to travelling. Oftentimes, people do not know where to begin, so it is easy to get bogged down. 

Even the smallest of mistakes can ruin your overall experience. Fortunate for you, we have rounded up the 6 best tips to help guide you on your very first journey! Buckle up, folks, because you are in for a ride. 

1. Be Aware of Pickpocket

If you see a pickpocket warning sign, your automatic response may be to reach where your wallet, Xiaomi phone or valuable items are. But this precautionary measure can actually backfire since you are giving the whereabouts of your personal items to the potential thieves.

Know that a looter rarely has time to dig through all of your belongings, but once they catch you checking your pockets, it is a checkmate for them. Even a mere glance is a big no. Instead, keep your head swivel and your face void of any emotions. And if possible, avoid looking like a tourist. If you do not know where you are going, act as you do to avoid being their next target.

2. Pack Light

Travelling light accounts for greater freedom and liberty. You will be able to navigate through crowded areas and get past the baggage claim with ease if you carry little. Not only that, but you can also save yourself from extra baggage fees! If you do not know what to pack, here are a few pointers to guide you. 

Based on the rule of thumb, pack a cap, two pairs of foot-wares, three pairs of pants, four shirts of your choosing, five pairs of stockings, and six pairs of undergarments. This should suffice you for at least three weeks. In addition to that, tailor your packing list to include swimsuits, windproof jackets, and other trip-specific items.

Travel Tips

3. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects you monetarily if you were to encounter a problem while travelling. It covers just about everything from the loss of a passport to damaged baggage to medical treatment. Besides, if your flight is nixed for reasons per the coverage terms and conditions, having travel insurance will provide you with compensation up to a certain amount.

However, bear in mind that if you are over the age of 64 or have an existing health condition, you may require specialized insurance. And if you fail to notify your insurer about your medical state, you risk delegitimizing your insurance policy, which means your claim may be denied. In addition, adventure activities are also excluded from the standard insurance and should be purchased separately.

4 Pack the Right Skincare Products

Beauty enthusiasts who also enjoy travelling may face a common conundrum- how to pack your facial essentials without having them snatched at the checkpoint? Know that TSA does not recommend loading an arsenal of beauty products in your luggage. Now, with that in mind, your only option is to go minimal.

Remember always to pack liquid products in smaller containers. Liquids beyond 100ml are generally not permitted on international flights. If no one has ever told you, try mixing your serum with your moisturiser to save space and give that extra boost to your skin! And make sure to pack a travel-sized Cetaphil sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. 

5. Choose the Right Backpack

Choosing the right travel backpack is highly paramount. If your bag is huge, you will have to carry all those extra weights around. But if it is too compact, you will find yourself struggling to fit everything inside and it might as well explode! Whereas if you choose the wrong material, your valuable belongings will be drenched once it starts to pour.

travel tips

So here comes the million-dollar question, “what should I look for in a quality travel backpack?” Easy. Be on the lookout for one that is water-resistant and is equipped with multi compartments, a padded hip belt, padded shoulder straps, and a lockable zipper. You should also get one that is front-loading for security, allowing you to open from the sides rather than just the top. 

6. Learn Basic Phrases in the Local Language of Your Destination

All seasoned travellers would come to a consensus that knowing the basics of a native language accounts for a memorable travelling experience. It is true that you can indeed get by with only English in many popular tourist destinations. But if you want to avoid communication breakdown, then it is best to learn their language. 

After all, you are in their country and not the other way around. It is okay if your grammar and accent are not perfect; a little effort goes a long way! The only thing that matters is the effort you put in, and surely the locals will appreciate hearing you speak their lingo. 

The bottom line is, sure, travelling can be daunting for first-timers. But if you are well packed and equipped with the necessary knowledge to get you through the trip, no one will ever know that it is your first time. 

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