Wish to create content that is relatable to your users and saves you time? Enter, reviews.

For marketer reviews or user-generated content (UGC) are like ocean research, it’s never-ending and people seem to find something new every time they look into it. A study in 2017 showed that conversion rates tend to grow by 270% simply by leveraging UGC on multiple marketing touchpoints. 

UGC is authentic and comes from existing customers who have real-life experiences with your brand. This content is fresh, unfiltered, and casual. This is why people resonate with UGC more than promotional content. It shows how reliable a brand is and how it treats its customers. 

People rely on people’s opinions and brands are constantly changing and upgrading their marketing to get bigger and better reviews. They provide useful and valuable information to potential clients and are a major deciding factor in their purchase journey. 

Continue reading to understand how reviews can be repurposed effectively.

How to repurpose reviews?

Here are some ways to use reviews in order to reap desired results and enrich your customers with authentic content.

1. Content ideas 

The best way to leverage reviews in your content marketing strategy is by using them to find new and innovative content ideas. Reviews can be a part of your marketing strategy to display informational and engaging content instead of just branded promotional content. 

Additionally, you can display content that recognizes your brand. This helps in building trust and motivates users to make favorable purchase decisions.

2. Website 

Embedding reviews on the website can boost your reach and help your further help your website visitors in making informed decisions. Reviews platforms like Taggbox Widget help in aggregating reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc., and display them in a unified manner.

You can personalize the widget, filter the content, and monitor the widget’s performance on the website using these platforms. This way you can motivate more users to leave reviews, it helps in customer acquisition and drives conversion rates. 

3. Video content 

People retain 95% of the information when it comes from videos. Videos are not just a simplified method of interaction but a necessity to display content that users resonate with. Videos can help in showing diverse content, if you think reviews are too much or not enough, you can make how-to videos, show products, and their various uses, etc. 

4. Social media 

Looking for new and unique content regularly can be tricky. However, using UGC to post on social media can be a brilliant way to get your users to interact with you. Potential clients will anyway look for reviews before purchasing, simply the process and present them with authentic reviews on your social channels. 

5. Email marketing 

Once you get many reviews, it is important to flaunt them on various marketing touchpoints. Email marketing is the best way to encourage a large authentic audience. You can put unfiltered and unedited reviews in your emails to establish credibility and improve trust. 

6. Offline promotion 

For brands that have offline interactions with their customers along with online interactions, considering offline marketing can be effective. You can create posters and highlight a specific review or the overall rating on Google. 

Big brands like Google set up small framed images of their best reviews in their stores. This helps customers understand the product better and motivate them to purchase. 

7. Increase credibility 

Reviews have the potential to increase your credibility. Using reviews from third-party websites like yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. can be your best option. These platforms are free and easy to use. You can embed these reviews on the website and place them on web pages with high traffic. 

8. Collaborations 

When you go through your reviews you will easily find genuine users of your product. They can serve various collaborations like guest blogs, case studies, and much more. They can guest blog about a good topic related to your product and go around their experience with your brand. 

Case studies are ideal for B2B as they highlight clients who have used your products and it solved their issues. They are a good sales strategy and help in converting potential clients. 

9. Brand advocates 

Reviews help you identify users who have connected with your brand and love you. They have the power to encourage their peers and followers to purchase from you without any monetary incentive. You can send out rewards to these advocates for their contribution. You can request them to contribute to guest posts, retweet your content, promote a discount code, and much more.


Content marketing is not easy, but using reviews as a source of inspiration and encouraging potential prospects with transparency can surely help you in the long run. Embracing reviews is a crucial part of your brand to boost its reach, improve awareness, and much more. Once you start implementing reviews in your strategies you will find significant improvements and upgrades in your campaigns, lead generation, conversion rates, and sales.

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