As the markets continue to change and businesses continue to face increasing competition, it is increasingly important for organizations to find ways to be more productive. 

Although this may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task, there are many ways in which workplaces can be made more effective. And if you can make even just a few small changes, you can significantly impact your business’s overall productivity and success. 

Below are some tips to get you started on creating a more productive workplace.

Track Progress

Progress tracking is an important tool for managing productivity. Progress tracking helps managers identify the areas of improvement in employees’ performance and track their progress over time. 

Progress tracking can be done using traditional methods such as checklists or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or it can be done using more innovative methods such as video recordings or activity logs. 

And for those looking for efficient alternatives, exploring emerging tech tools like a sales goal tracker will come in handy to boost your efforts to promote productivity and inspire friendly workplace competition.

Use Sales Gamification

Sales gamification is the application of game mechanics and game thinking to non-game situations, such as the workplace, in order to engage employees, motivate behavior, and solve problems. 

Gamification can take many different forms, but some common features include points, badges, leaderboards, and challenges. 

Sales gamification has been shown to be an effective tool for engaging employees and motivating sales behavior. One way to use sales gamification is to create challenges for employees. 

For example, a company might set a goal of selling ten items in a day. If an employee sells more than ten items in a day, they can earn badges and rewards such as tickets to the next company meeting or a gift certificate. Such awards create competition and excitement among employees, which leads to increased productivity.

Revamp the Workplace

Having a workplace makeover is a great way to give the workplace a new face and improve the morale of your employees. Workplace makeovers can range from minor changes to a full transformation, depending on your budget or the current state of the workspace. 

Installing better lighting fixtures, painting warm colors on walls, and adding plants and flowers are some ways to improve the workplace environment. Additionally, involving your employees and taking note of what they would prefer in the workspace will help you decide how to better spruce the workspace.

Hold Team Building Activities

Team building is another important aspect of creating a productive workplace environment. Team building activities help employees connect with each other and build trust, which is essential for teamwork. 

Some common teambuilding activities include team bowling, paintballing, ice skating, and team hiking. These activities help employees learn to work together, resolve conflicts, and develop communication skills.

Elevate Your Employees

Empowered workers have a greater chance of reaching their full potential. One way to empower your employees is by respecting their ideas. If your workers feel respected, they will be able to voice out their ideas without feeling intimidated. Also, ensure that you respectfully handle conflicts with your employees without degrading or harshly criticizing them. 

Another way you can elevate your employees is by creating an environment of trust. When your workers feel there is a degree of trust, they can share their ideas freely, some of which may add immense value to the organization. 

Lastly, offering training programs to your workers equips them with more knowledge and skills, which improve their professional growth.

Make Breaks

Your employees need breaks between work schedules to avoid burnout. Overworked employees are more likely to deliver poor results, and scheduling reasonable time breaks will enhance their concentration, meaning their productivity won’t be affected. 

And if you want to spice things up, you can install beverage stations where employees can get coffee or water whenever they want.


In order to survive and thrive in the competitive market, businesses must continuously look for new ways to make their work environment productive. 

When productivity is optimum at all times, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, and businesses also experience a boost in profits. 

The above tips will help you start your quest to create a more productive workplace.

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