Everywhere in the world, schools are working constantly to provide excellent opportunities to their students. With the Covid-19 pandemic causing mayhem in the world, these efforts were impeded as schools were closed and budgets were cut. Mass text messaging, this posed a problem for schools and amongst other things, they had to find a cost-effective measure of communicating their messages with the parents and caretakers of students. Enter mass texting!

Mass texting has been around for ages now but not many schools were reaping its benefits until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Before, letters were handed out and it took time and significantly more money than now to draft these letters.

Now, schools can simply communicate their messages to parents and caretakers instantly through SMS software! Keep reading to learn about the importance of mass texting in schools in this article. 

Keeping up with the times: Mass Texting in Schools

Mass texting allows schools to convey important messages in bulk to students, their parents, and faculty employees. These messages are sent out quickly and are delivered 100% of the time as the only thing required to receive them is a phone and a cellular connection.

It is well known that over 85% of the population in the US has access to a mobile phone that is capable of delivering and receiving texts. These texts are opened within the first 3 minutes of them being sent, making it clear that mass texting is the best way for schools to communicate with students, their parents, and faculty employees.

It is a far more reliable method than sending out messages through emails or phone calling everyone individually! That’s because mass texting also provides information on open rates and this helps schools see which individuals opened their messages.

This is especially helpful in situations where individuals need to be contacted to advise them of an important event.

How Does Mass Texting Benefit Schools?

Several scenarios exist in which schools will require to send out messages and mass texting is certainly the best way to do this! Here are 4 ways mass texting benefits schools.

1.   Complies With the Clery Act

One of the major benefits that mass text messaging provides schools is that it complies with the Clery act. This act is a statute that requires colleges and universities in the US to keep and provide information about certain crimes on their campuses.

These colleges and universities are also required to provide warnings of crimes that could happen in the future as well. One easy way to provide such information to your entire student database is through mass texting.

Since almost every student has a cellphone, mass texting is the ideal method to target these groups to provide them with timely warnings on such criminal activities. One key feature that mass texting provides schools is that the opening rates of these messages can be monitored!

This allows the school to see how many students read their messages and whether certain students need to be contacted via other communication channels. Plus, mass texting will continue to work even when data networks get overloaded.

2.   Easy Way to Provide Updates and Reminders

Another key benefit of mass texting for schools is that it’s an easy and efficient method to provide updates and reminders. In every part of the world, weather conditions can make traveling to schools an issue.

This leads to closures and cancellations and students and parents are often unaware of these events till the very last minute! How can this problem be solved?

Mass texting! Today, schools can use mass texting to notify parents of any delays, cancellations, or closures, offer updates on exams or holidays, and also provide reminders for certain events.

This makes mass texting the ideal method for schools to communicate with students, their parents, and staff.

3.   Schedule Meetings

One important aspect of mass texting for schools is that it provides an incredibly simple method to schedule meetings with students, their parents, or staff. This serves to be helpful as previously, meetings would often be canceled because the receiver would not have opened the message because they may not have known it was sent in the first place!

Mass texting eliminates this possibility as every phone user hears a ‘Ding!’ or some other alert on their phones when they receive a text. This makes text messages hard to ignore and hence, they are the perfect way to set up meetings in schools.

4.   Provide Information Regarding School

Last but not least, bulk texting is an effective method to provide contact information, construction information, or any other information regarding your school to parents and students. Over time, schools may update their contact information or make changes on their premises.

When doing so, the best way to tell your students, their parents, and staff about such measures is through bulk texts! They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re efficient.

Final Thoughts

With bulk texts, keeping everyone informed couldn’t get simpler. Hop on the mass texting bandwagon today and communicate with everyone with ease! 

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