The living room is like the cornerstone of any house. Whether coming from a strenuous office day or a vacation, the first thing you do as you enter your home; is spread out in the living room. So, you must invest in your living room.

A pleasant family time or a fun time with friends, the living room holds the most memories. Therefore, everyone strives to make their living room a warm and cozy zone. 

Spice Up Your Living Room

Redoing your living room requires A LOT of attention, decisions, and arrangements. You need to know your concept exactly; it should be crystal clear. Ponder if your living room reflects your lifestyle or personality.

There are way too many things to consider when renovating your living room. But worry no more! Because we got some tips and tricks up our sleeves: that will help you ramp up your living room!

But, But, But.

Did you check enough if you should be redoing your living room or paying attention to something else first?  

Here’s what you should be assessing first;

  • Is it damp? Smells moldy or watermarked walls? 
  • Is the plumbing intact?
  • Does this house have a gas safety certificate?
  • Is your house haunted?

If your house passes these safety checks, we are good to go!

Walls: Colour for your living room is the prime part of your renovations. The colour you choose will decide the ornaments, furniture, or whatnot that matches your theme.

If you want your small apartment to look spacious, go for lighter tones and add a much-needed pop of colours via furniture and pillows. There is no specified rule to follow but be out of the box to make your small space reflect your personality.

Floors: After wall colour, floors are the second major thing to consider. You can get a traditional carpet with modern decor; this idea will accentuate your living room as a modern yet cozy space. 

We recommend going for a statement rug, patterns or colours, whatever you like. A statement rug brings; a dash of variety and a twist to your living space.

Nonetheless, hardwood is the go-to option if you’re too indecisive. Cherry wood, oak wood, or birch wood, you can get this astounding flooring per your budget. Hardwood floor, no doubt, enhances any theme you choose for your living room, thus, the safest decision.

Flowers: Flowers are never outdated. No matter the theme of your room, you can always stick a plant to it and manage a win in a room decor competition. 

Rustic theme? Wood or clay pot is the top seed. A colourful, lively room? Woven baskets drenched in colours are available everywhere. Ideally, choose a green plant for your space to offer an accommodating vibe to your guests.

Ornaments: This is the best part; adornments are easy to choose and play incredibly well with your theme. A mirror, side-by-side or opposite to your window, will add light to your room in addition to some style. 

A metallic touch of an end table, magazine racks, or a small candle holder will accentuate the look. Add drama and an eclectic mix with vibrant wall art pieces. 

You can play around with your decorative items around the room. A frame on the mantel or a tray on the table; these underrated things can do you a huge favour and revamp your room to a higher level.

Furniture: Just because we are discussing this, in the end, does not mean it’s unnecessary. Choosing the right furniture is so crucial it makes it a super hard phase. 

Match your light-coloured walls with furniture of a bit darker hue. Or go for crisp white furniture (with durable fabric, hence easy to clean. Spillage is inevitable on white) with dark walls for a rustic modern look. 

Determine the shape and size of furniture that you want. We advise you to get a more compact couch or coffee table if you have limited space. This concept will give some airy feel to your room. 

Additional decor tips:

Are you still craving more schemes and designs? Here’s some more: 

  1. Looking at the ceiling, a boring one wouldn’t cut it! Either choose a chandelier to add elegance and glamour to your space. Colourful, rustic, or flower; you can get something that lights up your room and stay in the dedicated theme.

Don’t like any of the chandeliers? No worries, lamps and natural lights will save you. Large windows will bring enough light to the room. Lamps and lights will work best if you’re looking for a more cozy environment. 

  1. Another idea you can look forward to is; the installation of a tray ceiling. Design it with ceiling lamps and wall sconces to fit your room’s profile.

However, light fixtures are tricky. Great if you decide on your room arrangements beforehand, later go for lamp shopping to get the desired lighting perspective.

  1. Go beyond the regular renovations and install a 3D wall design to give your room a live aesthetic pleasure. 
  2. A bookshelf will take up space; hence, a built-in bookshelf is the best choice to make your guests feel at home.

These are enough inspirations for you to begin ideating your living room. So, what’s holding you back now? Get started!


All in all, from the significant investment of walls and flooring to the tiny addition of ornaments: everything will add to ”making or breaking” your living room concept. 

And while everything we mentioned above can help you or inspire you to get the perfect living room for your home, you don’t need everything in one place!

Keep your place clean, folks. Clutter can only make people uncomfortable and suck the happiness out of the room like a vacuum. Regardless of the theme, modern or rustic, keeping your room clean and less messy will straight away help your living room stand out. 

Know when it’s enough. Don’t hesitate to have a more open area and fewer furniture or plants in your room. It will bring a relaxed atmosphere to the room. And besides, you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘less is more.

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