BSc dietetics, Diet and nutrition is the most crucial part of individual and public health.

An undergraduate degree in Dietetics can provide you with the accurate knowledge and skills to transform you into an individual who can help others make the right dietary choices.

Keep reading to find out some of the most intriguing jobs that are directly related to a BSc Dietetics degree that you can land right after your graduation!

Animal Nutritionist

This job role will need you to advise the effect of diet on animal health and wellbeing by leveraging your scientific knowledge.

Community education officer

The primary aim of this position is to help the global population to develop their skills regarding nutrition and gain access to learning.

Food technologist

Holding this position will make you accountable for monitoring food products and whether or not they are produced legally and safely, based on the quality claimed.

Health improvement practitioner

If you have a passion for promoting healthy lifestyle choices, then through this job you can motivate others to succeed by confidently communicating to them.

International aid (or development worker)

This makes you responsible for assisting communities of people living in the developing world.

Medical sales representative

This marketing position requires you to promote and sell a brand’s products or services to key healthcare professionals.


To gain success in this job profile you must strive to encourage your clients to achieve optimal wellbeing and health using natural therapists.

Nutritional therapist

This position makes you accountable for providing personalised dietary, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to enhance an individual’s health and wellbeing.


These professionals use their knowledge of food science to enable people to make the right choices about what they consume.

Catering manager

This manager will provide these with the organising, planning, and developing beverages and food services for business organisations.


This will require working in a variety of restaurants and hotels to prepare, cook and plate food.


These experts diagnose and treat nutritional or diet-related problems, as well as raise awareness of the link between health and food at a wider public level.

Health service manager

This managerial post deals with the strategic, financial, and daily operations of running community health service or hospital practice.


In this case, you are expected to implement your knowledge of plant medicines, antibiotic applications to relieve illness and promote health.

Personal trainer

This is an ideal career for students who have a knack for helping others achieve their fitness goals and are passionate about staying healthy.

Product or process development researcher

A research-based job profile will need you to showcase your problem-solving skills and innovative mind to improve the manufacturing systems and goods.

Undergoing a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from our university will give you valuable contacts and experience, helping you decide the particular area of nutrition that you want to concentrate on.

Apply to the program today to gain all the abilities required for becoming a self-employed nutritionist or joining the international health business.

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